Britain Rethinks ‘Transing the Kids’

Sanity returns to Britain.

But here in the U.S.:

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  1. posted by Jorge on

    most children who believe they are transgender are simply “going through a phase” as they mature.

    I wish more parents of teen daughters understood that when their daughters are engaging in what they think is slutty behavior, they’re simply going through a phase as they mature, too.

    Just to ensure that we weren’t missing something critical in this debate, I recently contacted the Public Affairs Office for the Food and Drug Administration. I asked one of their agents about a list of the five most commonly prescribed GnRH Agonists from five different pharmaceutical companies that are given to children as part of a “gender transition” program. Their Press Officer from the FDA’s Office of Media Affairs told me, “Puberty blockers and sex hormones do not have FDA approval for children’s gender care. The FDA is unaware of clinical trials in gender care for any population.”

    That’s a shame.

    I once asked a presenter on LGBT issues at my job something along the lines of, how should we work with youth who, because they will adopt their family’s traditional views, are destined to become ex-gay.

    It was more a statement at the rest of the attendees than a question. She was confused and made a statement that she would think any parental interference would be actionable child neglect that should be intervened with. I didn’t argue because I thought the answer exposed a bit of flimflam.

    It’s been said here a lot of times: conversion therapy is harmful and unethical when done cavalierly. Good job on the UK for recognizing and reminding people on that.

  2. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    Trans rights are human rights. That does not mean you don’t have reasonable scientific based standards as to when someone gets approved for a sex change operation.

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