Castrate and Sterilize Pre-Adolescent Gay Kids or You’re Not Woke

3 Comments for “Castrate and Sterilize Pre-Adolescent Gay Kids or You’re Not Woke”

  1. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    Again, how do we help actual transsexual/hermaphrodite youth?

    • posted by Jorge on

      If you lay on hands with the Bible, they’ll be 5% happier five years from now as they remember someone boring believes in them. Of course most boring people don’t actually use the Bible as a crutch.

      It would be a little more effective to teach them how to write and self-care themselves.

    • posted by Ricport on

      By NOT using surgery or drugs until they are adults! Provide intensive counseling and support. If it’s determined that they are likely trans, let them live as their chosen gender until they are adults and have the capacity to make such an awesome, life-changing, and for the most part, irreversible decision. But, sadly, the wacko left is more concerned about orthodoxy than common sense.

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