Castration of Gender-Nonconforming Boys – Why Aren’t Gay People Condemning This?

Because big LGBTQ tells them they’re bigots if they raise objections.

To repeat, children who don’t conform to gender stereotypes may experience gender dysphoria but overwhelmingly come to accept their biological sex post-adolescence and by the end of their teens, typically by accepting that they’re gay, if they’re not lead to begin puberty blockers and proceed to surgery.

Gay people have been cowed by trans activists and their woke allies, including liberal media—yes, call it the trans cult—to think this is somehow right instead of protecting gay kids.

[Update: Boston Children’s Hospital, facing backlash, reportedly added language to its website in August saying it performs genital-transition surgery—phalloplasty, metoidioplasty and vaginoplasty—for those 18 and older and deleted an earlier revision that set the age to qualify for “gender-affirmation” vaginoplasties (creation of an artificial vagina) at 17. The hospital apparently still performs mastectomies on children as young as 15 who identify as transgender.]


11 Comments for “Castration of Gender-Nonconforming Boys – Why Aren’t Gay People Condemning This?”

  1. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    Again, how much credible science backs up your conspiracy theory?

    • posted by Agee on

      Why do you hate gay kids?

    • posted by JSmithy on

      It’s not a “conspiracy theory” when the perpetrators publicly admit what they’re doing. As shown on the videos. No evidence would ever convince some to drop the blinders they’ve put in front of their eyes so they can keep believing the official LGBTQ woke narrative.
      History will look back at gender-transition surgery for minors the way we look at lobotomies today — a procedure whose defenders, at that time, said was the “progressive” cure for mental illness.

    • posted by Jorge on

      *Sigh.* You don’t use science to back up–or refute–conspiracy theories.” You use history. The collection of primary source evidence.

      • posted by Edward TJ Brown on

        Um, yeah science is a tool in debunking b.s. theories.

        • posted by Jorge on

          You don’t use science to prove historical facts.

          • posted by Edward TJ Brown on

            Yes, you do. If you historically study say, anti-Semitism in America then you will probably use science to debunk the Holocaust deniers.

  2. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    I do not hate kids — be they straight or gay or cis-gendered or transsexual. I just want to see credible scientific data to back up claims made by people. i.e. if you argue that most kids who identify as trans will really grow up to be gay/lesbian/bisexual, then you need to back up the claim with facts, not rumors or innuendos or anecdotal tidbits.

  3. posted by Jorge on

    So this scoop on Children’s Hospital Somewhere has substance, does it?

    What an interesting approach? I think more exposes like this would be a good thing. Sucks that the timing is in an age of death threats against law enforcement and politicians, but that is not the responsibility of decent people devoted to the truth.

  4. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    Maybe, if the people expressing outrage and b.s. theories were not grunting about how transsexuals and hermathidites have a secret evil agenda

    • posted by Jorge on

      Secret good agendas aren’t much better.

      For example, I imagine this “safe tuck” thing has its roots in medical disasters arising from men (young and otherwise) who do experiments on their penises and don’t seek medical attention or advice. It’s a legitimate public health issue.

      Public health issues are issues of public concern. It’s just like fading federal government credibility on the coronavirus epidemic. You need to sell the public on the need before you start selling the medicine, and make sure people know both the risks and benefits. Very few people got it right.

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