LGBTQIA+ Is All About Serving the Progressive Democrat Party

Virginia’s Gov. Glenn Youngkin hosted a Virginia pride reception, angering LGBTQ woke-progressive-Democrat groups who boycotted because he’s, you know, a Republican.

>>Last week, Youngkin also traveled to Virginia Beach to meet with the Log Cabin Republicans, a conservative LGBTQ group.
“The Democrat Party and the people on the left, the left-leaning organizations, they all lambaste Republicans for not embracing the gay community. And then when one does, they lambaste, and they lose their minds,” Casey Flores, president of the group’s new Richmond chapter, told WRC-TV.
Meanwhile, more liberal LGBTQ groups in Virginia issued press releases announcing that they would not attend the Pride month reception at the Virginia Capitol.<<

7 Comments for “LGBTQIA+ Is All About Serving the Progressive Democrat Party”

  1. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    I’m curious if the Virginia governor has backed equal rights.

    • posted by Jorge on

      Who cares? As long as he’s for gay rights that’s good enough for me. Bonus if he’s for transgender rights, I suppose.

  2. posted by Agee on

    Anti-discrimination under the federal Civil Rights Act now applies to sexual orientation and gender identity. Same-sex marriage is legal in all 50 states.

    Gov. Younkin hosted a Pride reception in the state capital. I don’t need him to support the left- Democrat agenda to have critical race theory taught in schools and state-funded castration surgery for gender-nonconforming boys who would otherwise grow up to be gay.

  3. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    The US Surp Court case on civil rights only applied to employment law.

    I still think that the gov could found something to propose, policywise. Even if it was limited to gay rights and wasnt leftwing.

    • posted by Jorge on

      How is he going to find out what to propose if he doesn’t listen in the first place? So that would be this event and the lead up to it.

      There’s this story out in Texas about that state’s GOP excluding the Log Cabin Republicans. Their platform says gays have an “abnormal lifestyle.” Not so good. So yes, there are things that can be changed. How do you get to that change? If you don’t want damned if you don’t, you have to get rid of damned if you do.

  4. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    Publish the gov’s speech.

  5. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    Even a symbolic gesture can be helpful. I.e. Repeal the anti-gay sodomy law, maybe offer pardons. Or find some openly gay employees to honor or something. Its basic poli sci 101.

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