Yes, It’s Pride Month

More. Photos from a “child friendly” drag show hosted at a Dallas gay bar. Does this look like a healthy experience for the kids? (The neon sign reads “It’s Not Gonna Lick Itself”).

More.A “family friendly” drag show?

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  1. posted by Tom Scharbach on

    “As a child, I think I’d have been scared witless if I had to be “entertained” up close by a drag performer in full regalia.

    No doubt. But I don’t think that you’d be typical.

    The Seminary Coop Bookstore in Chicago (57th Street Books) hosts an annual Children’s Book Fair in the Hyde Park neighborhood of Chicago. An entertainment stage is part of the festivities, featuring dance groups, singing and so on. I was the MC on that stage for several years in the 1980’s.

    Among the acts I remember was a gig called “Second Hand Rose”, a small group of queens who, unsurprisingly, performed “Second Hand Rose” among other songs, all appropriate for children. I don’t recall any of the kids being traumatized. I remember that kids enjoying the show, along with their parents.

  2. posted by Tom Scharbach on

    I note that Republicans in several states have introduced legislation that would make it a criminal offense for parents to take children to see performances with drag performers and, in at least one case, terminate the parental rights of adults who do so.

    I assume that the prohibition would not extend to allowing children to watch 1950’s television shows featuring the likes of Milton Berle and Bob Hope. In those long-gone days, drag was common entertainment in the mainstream.

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