Lesbians Who Don’t Embrace Gender Theory Trigger the Woke Mobs

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    “A “time-consuming series of meetings” ensued. First, the two professors met with the college’s Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI) staff member. Despite arguing with what they thought was the “ideologically correct” transfeminist scholarly work, including Judith Butler’s, the diversity officer was unconvinced. According to the scholars, s/he “suggested that the Black butch lesbian professor in question was ‘aggressive and defensive’ and the white femme queer woman professor was ‘condescending and harmful.’”

    Nah, that’s just too stereotypical. They’re making that part up for maximum sympathy. I mean, seriously? Angry black woman and patronizing white woman?

    Sometimes you have to laugh.

    This encounter was, by no means, the end of the saga, as many other meetings ensued, accusations and smears proliferated and students from warring trans and queer student groups sabotaged each other’s work.

    When I was in grad school, one of the undergraduate newspaper members told me that the expert opinion about about college student politics in general is that it’s so vicious because the stakes are so petty.

    The female professors also seemed unsatisfied with the arbitrariness of the transphobia accusation, complaining that the diversity officer indicated “that although the survey may not have been transphobic in and of itself, if some students perceived it as transphobic, then, in essence, it was.” They added: “In other words, any perception of harm is equivalent to harm itself. No evidence necessary.”

    There’s nothing worse than being told you did something wrong because the crazy person said so.

    Unfortunately, contrary to other women labeled TERFs, Thomsen and Essig failed to make the next logical step – to conclude that no matter how much “transfeminist,” and “queer,” (i.e. woman-hating) theory you espouse, you will never appease the misogynists.

    Why should they?? That would be jumping into the other infinite pit. They crossed a line (I in no way wish to imply fault), and that helped them better understand that the problem they have with trans-exclusionary mainstream feminists is much of the same type, and greater severity.

    Intersectionality at its best allows you to speak to white people you don’t know with the same, open-hearted, unassuming curiosity that is used to avoid trampling over minorities with hurtful assumptions. There is a colorblind way to have color-conscious conversations. By being a blank slate about the person in front of you–and other reference points–and maybe referencing categories at best, you learn more and make people feel at ease. I’ve had some fascinating disclosures about unofficial marriages when I asked questions a certain way. This does not come naturally to most people, and the failure to teach this root skill is where intersectionality gets a bad rap. People focus too much about what one person has said–an important lesson–to try to predict in advance what another person might say or need–repeating the mistake.

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    Student government is generally pointless, and tends to involve passionate, edgy youngsters on the far right and far left.

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