The Movement Now

It’s as if there is no longer a movement for gay and lesbian people. It’s all about critical gender theory and transgenderism, which is often directly at odds with the rights of women and homosexual people, and, especially, gay youth.

A biological male, fully equipped, who enjoys presenting as a woman while pursuing penetrative sex with women, is celebrated for being a lesbian.

A rare bit of sanity on trans issues.

2 Comments for “The Movement Now”

  1. posted by Kosh III on

    Yet another article from an obscure publication about a topic that is irrelevant nonsense to 99 44/100% of all people including gay folks. It’s only relevant to a few jrabble-rousing homocons living in safe blue cities.

  2. posted by Tom Scharbach on

    Republicans seem to be once again introducing “don’t say gay” bills and ramping up pressure to remove LGBT books from school and public libraries, no doubt attempting to ramp up conservative Christian support for the midterms. Is it too much to ask that conservative homosexuals pay some attention to actual attempts to make information less available to gay and lesbian teenagers?

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