To Be Fair, He Was Appointed Just to Be Gay

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  1. posted by Jorge on

    “One major reason this is happening is a shortage of workers to get cargo off of these ships, and another shortage of truck drivers to transport them where they need to go. A worker shortage has been a common theme throughout the first 10 months of the Biden era, where no one in the administration – including Labor Secretary Marty Walsh – has any good answers as to why it is happening. ”

    Okay, now I get it.

    I am not convinced that he is in over his head in a managerial or policy sense; I don’t know how I would even measure such a thing, and I find the Biden ads mocking his accomplishments to make a convincing case that he has managerial skills. I absolutely think he is in over his head in a political sense. The last time he had to handle a crisis, the local anger at him over police-minority relations made national news. But that to me would explain why he’s in Transportation. I call the last Transportation Secretary the Loudest Mouse in Washington because she’s known for only three things, and never all at once: being Mitch McConnell’s wife, having a distinguished and accomplished career, and resigning in principle after Jan. 6, 2021. All of which is to say that it is not entirely unreasonable to appoint a relatively competent, highly loyal, politically well-connected person to Transportation in hopes they will fade out of the limelight.

  2. posted by Kosh III on

    Since we are discussing incompetence in Cabinet positions let’s not forget:
    Ben Carson whose only qualification was being a Trump supporter, he didn’t even know what the pyramids were for.
    Betsy DeVos Her only qualification was a zeal to destroy public education and enrich herself and her cronies.
    Wilbur Ross: nuff said. Senile old fart

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