Sex Difference Denialism

An interesting piece on biology and evolutionary-based differences between men (both gay and straight, I’ll add) and women (ditto) when it comes to sexuality. Recognizing these differences is now a thought crime on the woke left, where existing differences leading to “bad” male behavior are socially constructed and can be deconstructed with sufficient indoctrination.

4 Comments for “Sex Difference Denialism”

  1. posted by kOSH iii on

    More irrelevant nonsense. A few folks no one has heard of think this and the homecons who live in safe blue areas get their knickers in a knot.
    What’s wrong with “woke.” Does this mean Miller & Co approve of inequality, discriminations and racial and other injustices?

  2. posted by Jorge on

    The Dark Triad, eh? So be it.

  3. posted by Tom Jefferson on

    Kosh III;

    Homocons are in love with the manufactured outrage machine.

  4. posted by Tom Jefferson on

    Also, it must be said that sex IS biological, but gender is mostly sociological.

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