HRC, C’est Moi



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  1. posted by Tom Jefferson on

    I don’t think that race was a factor in this case. Large nonprofits often circle the wagon when allegations or scandal arise. Heck, so too do most large orgs or businesses.

  2. posted by Doug on

    Republcicans seem to be the real kings of ‘cancel culture’, just ask Liz Cheney.

  3. posted by Tom Jefferson on

    Frankly, implying that a man was somehow immune from criticism or ethical rules because of the color of his skin, is absurd, at best and racist, at worst.

  4. posted by Jorge on

    I agree they’d have gone after him regardless of his race. However, I do think race impacted his defenses. I just can’t really tell in what direction. The two differences I can think of run in the opposite direction.

    One, his overall confidence in his security, connections, and righteousness was greater than it should have been. Most people, upon being asked to resign over a constituency being angry at them, would have. Two, his actual connections that would have stood up for him or helped him might have been different if he were white. While my sense of that is that whites are much, much quicker than blacks to abandon people connected in any way to a misogyny scandal, I tend to think his departure would have been softer. There would have been no lone statements on Twitter, you’d have seen a stuffy faceless attorney releasing a comment to the press.

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