Responding to Trans Extremism

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  1. posted by Edward TJ Brown on

    Oh, Stephen! You really don’t like transsexuals and hermathidites…

    1. People are free to make the case that we should all be bisexual/pansexual, but “demand” implies a certain level of law, which don’t exist.

    2. Sex is biological and doesn’t change beyond male and female, except for interrsexuals. Gender is sociological, fluid and often changes based on how people express themselves.

  2. posted by agee on

    Edward TJ Brown, do you have a response to the facts and arguments that were actually made in any of the critiques of the activists’ assertions that people should be attracted to one another based on their self-proclaimed gender identity, not their physical sexual bodies? That’s what the LGB Alliance people are calling a negation of sexual orientation that undercuts what gays and lesbians have been struggling for (and winning) over the past decades.

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