‘Equality Act’ Is the Wrong Solution

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  1. posted by Tom Scharbach on

    Statement of Log Cabin Republicans entered into the Congressional Record today by Representative Jordan:

    Gay, lesbian, and bisexual members of society would effectively become an ‘extinct species’ under this bill. That’s because it would enshrine the gender identity agenda that is counter to gay rights.

    For decades, we gays preached to the world that we were ‘born this way,’ and that being gay, lesbian, or bisexual ‘is not a choice.’

    We did not challenge nature or the science of our biology, nor millennia of human history’s distinctions and separations of the two sexes.

    Now, that’s turned on its head. For the gender-identity and trans-obsessed crowd, how you were born can now be ‘changed,’ and everything regarding sex and gender is simply a ‘choice.’

    If being gay means being a man who has same-sex attraction to another man, the Equality Act would make this definition completely defunct. What is now a ‘man’? Whoever claims to be.

    Zombies in the making, conservative homosexuals, about to go the way of the passenger pigeons.

    The Equality Act, which exempts the Civil Rights Act of 1964 from the operation of RFRA, returning public accommodations laws to the “rational basis” constitutional standard articulated by Justice Scalia in Employment Division, is problematic, but it isn’t problematic because conservative homosexuals will become an “extinct species”. In Republican politics, that’s already happened for all practical purposes.

  2. posted by Kosh III on

    Being gay is not a choice but so what?
    Being Christian IS a choice. Church services often end with an “altar call” for people to choose to be “saved.”
    The Talibangelists and other bigots think one choice is wrong but the other should have 100000% legal protections.

    A wise man once said “Woe unto you, hypocrites”

  3. posted by Tom Scharbach on

    Being Christian IS a choice.”

    AND Christians actively recruit and inculcate innocent children into their lifestyle.

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