Identity Politics Above Competency in BidenLand

Biden selected Dr. Rachel Levine to be assistant secretary of health, which would make her the first transgender woman to be confirmed by the U.S. Senate. Levine faced scrutiny last May after she moved her mother out of a personal care facility shortly after she implemented a policy directing Pennsylvania’s nursing homes and certain care facilities to admit hospital-discharged COVID-19 patients. Biden called her nomination “historic.” Critics charge her decision led to the deaths of more than 4,800 Pennsylvania residents in long-term care facilities.

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  1. posted by Jorge on

    Although it’s a close call, I think over time this story is turning out to be fluff.

    By the standards of Dr. Levine’s critics, George Washington would never have become either Commander of the Continental Army or President of the United States. With COVID-19, everyone who has touched the issue has become a failure. Most importantly, she’s not any of the idiots in New York, where in the early days we were told our governor would own his mistakes. He went back on his word. Perhaps I’m ignorant of Pennsylvania politics but I have a hard time believing anyone could top New York’s own nursing home hypocrisy. In this case, she gave a direct explanation for moving her mother out: it wasn’t her decision. It’s nice to see a transgender person in the Baby Boomer generation who is dealing with the same wretched issues as the rest of her cohort. Family values are important.

    I’d rather have someone who has a record of sin and failure over someone who can delude themselves into thinking they’re perfect. Put her in. It’s insurance against the Biden administration instituting mandatory nationwide lockdowns. The right is not going to get anyone better!

  2. posted by Edward Brown on

    Once again, the left-wing and right-wing narrative are both ‘slightly inaccurate’.

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