Conversion Therapy Goes Woke

A new year, and we’re likely to see LGBTQ activists step up their advocacy of woke conversion therapy for gay boys and, especially, lesbian girls.

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  1. posted by Jorge on

    1) That’s pretty strong language.

    It reminds me of a personal view I have that misusing gay pride and anti-hate language can become a form of conversion therapy. As harmful as the closet and its legacy are, you cannot save everybody, some people will be harmed more than helped.

    That’s the danger of creating speech codes and new words to denote unspeakable things. Anyone can take hold of the language and reinterpret it.

    2) I’m tickled that the appearance is that the censorship campaign has had the opposite effect. I think Shirer has become the beneficiary of the obvious ridiculousness of the attempt to cancel JK Rowling.

    Yes, she’s also incredibly stubborn, too. But she has heard of the cancel attempt on Rowling, hasn’t she?

    (I think she’s heard a lot more than that.)

  2. posted by Tom Scharbach on

    My message is this: young women should stop taking sex stereotypes seriously. A young woman can be an astronaut or a nurse; a girl can play with trucks or with dolls. And she may find herself attracted to men or to other women. None of that makes her any less of a girl or any less suited to womanhood.

    An interesting comment, in my opinion, because it ties confusion about gender dysphoria in girls to the cultural gender stereotypes about women that have long be promulgated by conservatives and conservative Christians. Pope Paul once observed about a different issue: “If you want peace, work for justice.” Similarly, conservatives might consider the importance of working for cultural equality of women.

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