A Coach Says ‘No’

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  1. posted by Jorge on

    Several of the two dozen slides have nothing to do with hockey, but instead are devoted to the idea that “the gender binary…was imposed on Native societies…including on the land we now know as Canada.” These appear alongside maps showing the claimed transmission of the “gender binary” to the Americas, Africa and Australia from Europe. Later in the presentation, rank-and-file hockey moms and dads are informed that the term “Two Spirit” “seeks to restore traditional identities and roles that were actively buried by European Colonizers.”

    This is actually a defensible claim (you’ll note they don’t dare mention the Middle East or Asia).

    It’s paper-thin.

    But as such, it’s acceptable. And anyway the guy isn’t objecting to the history, he’s objecting to the science and the sociology, which is indefensible.

    All of this left Doe incredulous

    He needs to get over it.

    He doesn’t have to agree with the presentation. He has to understand it, so that in the unlikely event he has to apply a law that most people do not know how to even begin to apply, he can use the training and apply it. And that means he needs to watch the whole damn thing.

    Forwarding his concerns to Hockey Eastern Ontario, Doe requested a temporary exemption until he could explain his position to the organization more fully.

    That’s the stupidest request I’ve ever heard.

    Frankly, I think Mr. Doe is exactly the kind of person who needs to be kept away from coaching children as they enter puberty. He comes across as closed-minded, self-centered, stubborn, grandiose, and entitled. It’s impossible to distinguish that from intolerant.

  2. posted by Jorge on

    I’ll go one or two steps further.

    So my job has a mandatory training on implicit racial bias. It’s mandatory for child protective staff and agencies they work directly with, at all levels. The purpose of the training, as I understand it, is to address a specific problem: racial disparities in foster care outcomes.

    You have read the Constitution and know about racial discrimination lawsuits. However noble the motivation, the reason for the training is because it costs money not to. Lawsuits would be filed with the accusation that racism is infecting the child welfare system. So, before a lawsuit orders reform, which may or may not work, reform shall be done voluntarily, which may or may not work.

    The material is very, very basic for someone of my education, and the training is excellent. Using a computer test, you learn if you have unconscious racial biases. Through videos and discussion, you discover shocking perceptions you have about situations.

    The purpose of the training is not to convert people from Blue Dog Democrat to progressive Democrat during your weekends off. The purpose of the training is so that, during the 40-odd hours a week you are there to perform a job for the public, you helping a mission to avoid serious mistakes. By avoiding these mistakes, people’s lives are improved, and the Constitution of the United States is upheld. You can vote for Donald Trump after you’ve gone home.

    It may not work. People are fallible, and so is reform. But you are responsible for looking people in the eye and telling them you are there to give them your best, the best that you can give them.

    I think Mr. Doe would do well to remember that the organization he is working for has decided to address its problem, a very serious problem in which a child was treated with insensitivity and disdain for motivations that were unethical and illegal,. And the organization has decided to address the problem not with restrictive rules, but with knowledge, so that the best decisions can emerge fro the ground up. Rather than forcing locker room switches every week for genderfluid children, they have decided that every single coach must know about genderfluid children, so that the coach can make his best judgment. Lie to the child for one hour of your life a week and tell him softball is a descended from a Euro-imperialist institution that oppresses twin-spirit people and he is well enough to play ball, and you are upholding the equal protection of the law and equal access to pubic accommodation.

    Or stay on the sidelines. Occupational work in sports is a privilege, not a right.

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