Two Realities

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  1. posted by Edward Brown on

    The Trump administration aint gonna tell Russia or Saudi Arabia to respect LGBT rights.

    The Trump administration caters to white supremacists and then has the gall to wonder why it isnt given credit for saying that racism and anti-Semitism are bad?

  2. posted by JoshR on

    And how does he “cater to white supremacists” and anti-Semites? By opposing open borders and supporting enforcement of the laws Congress passed on immigration (the MSNBC party line)?
    In Israel, he’s widely viewed as the strongest friend of Israel in the White House in decades (worse anti-Semite ever!).
    There is far more open anti-Semitism coming from your party now than from the GOP or the Trump administration.

  3. posted by Edward Brown on

    1. President Trump refers to a parade of Nazis as good people or something similar.

    2. President Trump has done little if anything, substantial with regard to advancing LGBT rights….or even LGB rights.

    3. The “open borders” accusation is just silly. Only the Libertarian Party advocates a total open borders policy…at least they did.

    • posted by Kosh III on

      “. Only the Libertarian Party advocates a total open borders policy…at least they did.”

      Ummm, no. Bush43, around 2006 told the Canadian PM that he looked forward to a future of open movement of people and goods between the NAFTA countries.
      That was back when the GOP still had a few principles including free trade. Now that just obey their Don-god.

  4. posted by JoshR on

    Trump never called Nazi’s “good people” — that canard has been thoroughly discredited for anyone who cares about what he actually said

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