Then They Came for J.K. Rowling….

Progressive love forced recantations:

Andrew Sullivan writes (second item):

One of the long-held principles of the gay-rights movement has been that it’s wrong to fire someone just because they’re gay. Now, one of the principles of the LGBTQ movement is that it’s fine to fire someone if they disagree in the slightest with every claim of gender ideology.
This shift from a “live and let live” to a “do what I say or else” movement is one reason I don’t identify with this activism any more. I loathe the idea of forcing people to say things they don’t believe, demonizing and ostracizing them for their dissent, and enshrining in law penalties for wrongthink. I am very happy to live alongside people whose faith makes them consider me a sinner. As long as they cannot touch a hair on my head or use the law to punish me for what I believe and how I live, I’m fine. But that pluralist worldview is anathema to the “social justice” movement, as it proves every single day. …
Resisting this authoritarianism of the left is as vital to our liberal democracy as resisting the authoritarianism of the right. Yes, I stand with Maya. And, no, this is not a drill. It’s a fight for freedom of thought and empirical reality.


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  1. posted by Jorge on

    “Then They Came for J.K. Rowling….”

    I’m not interested in saving her.

    I’ll live without her help. Oh, look, anti-TERFs are rearing their ugly heads. What shall I call them?

    Maybe TANFs (Transsexist A**hole Nazi-Feminists)? No, that’s too mean to TANF families.

    TELHPs: Transsexist egotistical lying hypocritical…

  2. posted by Edward Brown on

    I really dont care what the author thinks. The UK has pretty decent civil rights laws and i doubt the ruling Tories will repeal them outright.

  3. posted by Edward Brown on

    I see annonying people on the political left and the political right that embrace a “cancel culture”.

  4. posted by Edward Brown on

    Yes, In this context, “sex” is real. Saying so shouldnt be a sacking offense. Gender is also real and the two are not always the same thing.

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