Chick-fil-A Action Seems to Please No One

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  1. posted by Kosh III on

    CFA lied in the past about ending contributions to gay-bashing organizations. Are they lying again? What about the family charity they operate.
    “Trust but verify.”

    Disclaimer: I don’t eat meat so I wouldn’t patronize it anyway.

  2. posted by Mike Bauler on

    I am much more worried about the fact that the LGBT employees at Chick-fil-A often have zero civil rights protections.

  3. posted by Jorge on

    First things first.

    I’d like to know if this post reflects Mr. Miller’s postage changing from uninformed on things he should know better about to having a finger on the pulse of something most people don’t.


    Mr. Cathy reached out to some “elgibitty” guy and listened for a very long time. Is it too outrageous to think maybe he’s decided in the days after he LOST the Prop 8 war maybe it doesn’t hurt to do a few things LGBT people might like?

    The way I see it

    Colin Kaepernick is still out of a job after getting a chance to do something different and squandering it

    and Chick-Fil-A is still selling chicken after getting a chance to do nothing and deciding to do something different instead.

    CFA wants to expand from people who go to church on Sunday to people who don’t go to church at at all. I have heard this story any number of times from Catholicism. Gays don’t suddenly flock just because some churchy guy says hi to them. Appearance, tone, and reputation matter. Even if the act itself is worthless, changing your stripes from one pro-LGBT shape to another is a way of drawing attention, claiming relevance, and it is a way of showing respect.

    Catholic evangelism I can at least understand. I don’t have any idea why CFA wants to expand. But it does. So that means playing less by the rules of the guy with the funny last name and more by the rules of capitalist pig America. It will infect the world with the doctrine of chicken and closed on Sundays.

  4. posted by Mike Bauler on

    The Salvation Army used to have a questionable policy with regards to LGBT people. It has changed its internal policy. They still burn Harry Potter books, i think.

  5. posted by Edward tj Brown on

    The Salvation Army has — without much press or fanfare — improved how it actually treats LGBT people. Despite whatever religious beliefs it may have, it has stepped up its game and made sure that LGBT people can recieve their services.

    I can understand why people would be aware of the improvements, the Salvation Army has been slow to make note of them and they — reportedly — still do some odd things, like ban Harry Potter books.

    • posted by Jorge on

      Eh, people forget it’s connected to an evangelical ministry. Churches have weird superstitions. A lot of them ban Halloween, which is based on both its social and historical associations with the Devil and evil magic. Banning a series about witchcraft that takes place in Europe isn’t really far removed from that.

      • posted by Edward Brown on

        technically, the Harry Potter witches and wizards are just students/trainees.

  6. posted by Tom Scharbach on

    Well, I’ll certainly agree that conservative Christians have their drawers in a knot over Chick-Fil-A — Charlie Kirk, Tony Perkins, Linda Harvey, Bryan Fischer, Mark Creech, Mat Staver, Jim Bakker, One Million Moms, the Red Capes and so on. In short, just about the whole clown car is howling to condemn Chick-Fil-A.

    The only thing left of white conservative Christianity in this country are the twin (and no unrelated) convictions that (1) Donald Trump was chosen by God to rule over us all, and (2) gay and lesbians are twisted creatures operating in league with Satan to destroy Christianity. Other than that, there’s nothing left.

    Luckily, demographics will take care of that problem in a decade.

    • posted by Jorge on

      (1) Donald Trump was chosen by God to rule over us all

      I would like to make a snark about Dan Cathy and Adam Smith, but I can’t quite phrase it right.

      But it is precisely because conservatives take too seriously the alliances of convenience in the Republican party that they are overwrought.

  7. posted by Edward Brown on

    The fact workers are denied basic civil rights protections (and homelessness exists in America) should be the top story here. Instead we get complaints from people who live in comfortable homes and probably dont work in fast food.

  8. posted by Edward Brown on

    1. The fast food chain blundered the decision by being vague as to what they were doing and why.

    2. The fast food chain could have set aside funding for the Salvation Army’s LGBT special services. Especially if the S.A. has things like a homeless shelter for trans folk.

    3. The right-wing is outraged at the mere idea of treating LGBT with a modicum of dignity and respect.

    Basically, the fast food chain bungled what could have been a great pr moment.

  9. posted by JohnInCA on

    I’ve been reading apologist defenses of the Salvation Army for decades now, and they continue to beat the same drum: deny, deflect, distract.

    They never head-on acknowledge the actual misdeeds of the organization, they just try to make you doubt documented history or distract you with irrelevant tidbits.

    They want forgiveness, but they’re hoping they won’t have to actually ask for it, and you’ll just forget why they need it. That’s nothing that should be supported.

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