Erasing Gayness

LGBTQ activists want to outlaw “talking” conversion therapy for gay kids but oppose outlawing physical interventions to turn gay kids into heterosexuals.

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  1. posted by Jorge on

    (This is more than an obsession. One must wonder what skeletons are hidden in this Mr. Miller’s mailbox.)

  2. posted by Kosh III on

    Funny, I don’t feel erased.

    How much more irrelevant trivia will there be here? Sullivan lost relevance ages ago but when you are a homocom who refuses to live outside the safe Blue of NYC/LA/DC then I guess you have to use whatever bogus info you can get.

    But there is erasure and always has been. SM should go live in Locum MS, hang out a rainbow flag, kiss his hubby in public and watch the MAGA erasers go to work.

    • posted by Jackson on

      Jorge and Kosh III, your lack of concern for what’s happening to gay and lesbian kids is appalling. If you can’t deal with reading about the lives being destroyed because of radical transgenderism that is at its heart anti-gay, there are plenty of LGBTQIA+++ websites where you can go to have your views confirmed. Thank God for a few independent sites and gay writers willing to stand up to the hysteria that is destroying the lives of gay kids through the ultimate conversion therapy.

  3. posted by Edward Brown on

    I dont believe that LGB youth need to be tossed under a bus, or transgender youth. Politics that wants to toss youth under a bus, is not the sort of politics i want to support.

    • posted by Jackson on

      I don’t believe the term “transgender youth” has any real meaning. Unlike sexual orientation, juvenile gender dysphoria is often outgrown after puberty and those who demonstrated gender dysphoric behavior turn out to be gay or lesbian,and not adult transgender people. That’s why codified juvenile transgender identity or administering puberty blockers is so wrong. It stems from a false idea that gender identity follows the same/ path as sexual orientation. Simplistic and wrong.
      This is distinct from adult transgender people. who are typically heterosexual and often did not demonstrate gender nonconforming behavior when young, but do have an internal sense that their bodies are not in keeping with their gender.

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