Unerasing Gay Kids

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As above, many parents who want to transition their gender nonconforming children seem not so much homophobic as trans-enraptured.

The result, however, is the same—transitioning gender nonconforming children is the ultimate conversion therapy, but supported by progressives because “woke.”

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  1. posted by mike bauler on

    Why this attack on all things transgender?

    • posted by Jackson on

      Because “one must never, ever, EVER challenge the views of the alphabet people”?

      Which point do you want to defend? Socially transitioning 2 year olds? Hormone blockers for 7 year olds? Bio males who identify as women breaking records in women sports? The role of internalized homophobia in teens transitioning? Please pick one.

  2. posted by Mike Bauler on

    Care to produce credible evidence that teens transitioning is the result of internalized homophobia?

  3. posted by mike bauler on

    I dont see credible evidence that parents of transgender youth are significantly more homophobic then the general population.

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