Chick-fil-A Targeted

Brad Polumbo writes:
Chick-fil-A’s only connection to any of this is that its owners — not the company — through their separate foundation donate to the National Christian Foundation, the 8th-largest nonprofit in the U.S. That foundation works with Christian charitable groups. And there’s a weak connection between a tiny percentage of the groups NCF works with and anti-LGBT ministers in Uganda. Yet connecting those groups to ministers does not connect them to this legislation. Even Snopes admits “it’s not clear to what extent National Christian Foundation-funded entities were involved in the creation or promotion of a bill to make homosexuality punishable by death.”
A better way to response to Uganda:

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  1. posted by Mike and David on

    This reminds me of the parody music video by William Beli

  2. posted by Jorge on

    That “hoax”, as the story is justifiably called in one of your links, is one of the most ridiculous accusations of anti-gay animus I have ever had the displeasure of reading.

    Quite literally, they connected Chick-Fil-A to a preacher who condemned the Uganda law.

    That wasn’t what the accusation intended to argue, but that’s what it did. Really it was an investigation in search of a condemnation. They searched every single person who ever went to Uganda until they found exactly one who could be plausibly painted into a poster child of bad faith. All to express hatred toward a restaurant and an owner who has the temerity to believe that marriage is only between a man and a woman.

    Disgusting. Outrageous. A basket of deplorables.

  3. posted by JohnInCA on

    The UN that conservatives want the US to back out of? Whose human rights declarations are regularly denounced by conservatives?

    You should probably find “a better way” that conservatives, like yourself, would actually support.

  4. posted by Jim Michaud on

    I tried Chick-Fil-A once, and that was enough. I just can’t see the attraction. Sugared up sub par chicken on a squishy, soggy bun. Ugh! Give me Popeye’s or Wendy’s chicken sandwiches anytime! I avoid CFA for their food, not their faith.

    • posted by Jorge on

      You must be joking. I think you must have pulled some Kevin Spacey #MeToo crap on them and they decided to collectively spit in your food.

      When I tried Chick-Fil-A at my layover (I think at Chicago’s O’Hare airport), ooooooh, it was the freshest fast food chicken meal I’ve ever had.

      Now McDonald’s Chicken Sandwiches aren’t bad.
      Popeye’s regular chicken is greasy as all heck, and really good.

      Chick Fil-A gives you just a regular-sized sandwich to bite in–juicy heavenly. It’s like I was having the reward feast in my childhood NES video game: Mmmmmm! Yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum-yum.

  5. posted by Mike and David on

    I am going to go out on a limb, as it were, and say that the human rights nightmare unfolding in places like Uganda is more important than a fast-food eatery.

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