Beto’s Unsmart Idea (and more)

The leading Democratic candidates have a knack for pushing each other further and further to the left — massive wealth redistribution through taxation, gun confiscation, taxpayer-paid abortion on demand until the point of natural birth, “free” college tuition for all, “cancelation” of student loan obligations, etc. etc. But O’Rourke’s latest proposal is so incendiary it may give the others pause.

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  1. posted by Jorge on

    When Kamala Harris decided to introduce herself by saying, “My pronouns are she/her/hers,” host Chris Cuomo joked back, “So are mine.” The audience did not laugh because pronouns are not a laughing matter…

    It’s like someone whitefaced Chris Rock. It was richly deserved, and as shocking and unintentional a scene as the Purple Wedding from Game of Thrones.

    Some idiot took gender identity scorn and deflected it into being about the language instead of about our relationships with people.

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