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LGBTQ teens reject describing themselves as gay or lesbian (that is, as actually homosexual). I wonder how much of this is a trendy and politically correct expression of old-fashioned internalized homophobia.

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  1. posted by Jorge on

    “LGBTQ young people understand the complexities of their sexual orientation, so we hope to see the research, education and clinical fields expand their sexual orientation measures beyond lesbian, gay and bisexual labels in an effort to better serve LGBTQ youth.”

    I think they should narrow them: virgin, slut, and male slut. I’d prefer just two categories, but we haven’t learned how to slut-shame hetero-normative men yet.

    to better serve LGBTQ youth.

    What about serving society?

    Why do we have to be accommodating to LGBTQ youth with such microscopic precision? Why can’t we just accept the complexities of sexual orientation in everyone? Place greater demands on male and female teens to listen to, honor, and accept themselves?

    It’s like teaching someone with bipolar and ADHD self-control, but at least in their case the disability is sometimes biological. Why do we have to feed into a social disability only for the most “distressed” people, rather than giving education and character to everyone?

  2. posted by Jorge on

    “Though it can be hard to grasp for those who have never been misgendered (this writer has never had to fight for her “she”), the effect on someone who has had to fight for their pronouns and their identity can be devastating.”

    So, My Esteemed Burke didn’t perceive the need to be an ambassador.

    That’s too bad.

    “5 Basic Ways to Be an Ally”

    I guess I’m not an ally to non-binary people, then.

    That’s all right. I’ll be more conscious to use the honorific.

  3. posted by JohnInCA on

    I do hope that when I get old, I don’t get weirdly bitter about kids having different terms and language then I preferred when I was their age.

  4. posted by Mike and David on

    Stephen sounds a bit like, the old cranky guy that is yelling at the youngsters to turn down their records and get off his lawn.

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