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I confess, I didn’t watch it. But knowing GLAAD and how it operates as a driver of political conformity around Democratic talking points and the trendiest gender theories to sprout from academia, I’m not surprised by the reports below.

I am surprised, however, at the lack of major media coverage. It’s almost as if the mainstream media is covering for the candidates, who can tell LGBTQ activists everything they want to hear, but not spook the public by spotlighting this pandering.

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  1. posted by Jorge on

    “On the pressing national issue of taxpayer-funded gender-reassignment surgeries for prisoners…”

    My position: Charge them for it. Garnish their paychecks when they get out. We’re going after that mob inmate’s millions, that’s good enough for transgender people, too.

    What? The Fourteenth Amendment lets them get the same cost-sharing system Dr. Death got? Charge him, too.

    Mr. Miller I think you need to pull your pants up. Your bigot’s crack is showing.

    Biden pivoted and rambled on in typical fashion, but he eventually said “In prison … the determination should be that your sexual identity is defined by what you say it is… not what the prison says it is.”

    This is bizarre, frankly.

    Frankly, it is necessary.

    Obviously, the inclusion of transgender people poses a problem for our prison system and is an issue that should be approached with nuance and compassion.

    Open feedback to the author, Mr. Polumbo: You used the word “prison system” in the same sentence as the word “compassion.

    There is a reason even the most rightward candidate still debating took that position. I am proud of this moment in history.

  2. posted by Mike and David on

    Also, suggesting that Democrats are in favor of “open borders” is just lame. Members of both parties probably want the same basic thing; border security. Only the Libertarians have actually called for open borders.

  3. posted by JohnInCA on

    The prison thing is weird.

    If you accept transitioning as medical care, then making them “pay for it” is obviously absurd. You wouldn’t garnish the wages of a former inmate for their cancer treatment, I charitably assume.

    And if you don’t accept that it’s medical care… then why allow it all? Even if a prisoner was willing and able to pay for it, would you let them go see a plastic surgeon to get a nose job?

    So the “they can transition, but they have to pay for it” position is one of those “compromise” positions that can’t (and routinely doesn’t) stand. It’s an attempt at “nuance” that’s built on a house of cards, and everyone can see it.

    As far as whether or not you should allow trans folk to stay in a prison matching their identity, 95% of that “problem” disappears if you fix the prison system such that it isn’t unsafe. Which, y’know, we should be doing anyway. The way we continue on is a profound national failing.

  4. posted by Mike and David on

    The prison questions were strange. I can’t say that I know many transgender folks who have been imprisoned. The transgender folks that I do know do not rate the prison questions as a priority. Better questions could have been asked.

  5. posted by DanielHal on

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