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  1. posted by Jorge on

    Synek is a communications specialist at the Nebraska Family Alliance, a “pro-life and pro-family” lobbying organization that has campaigned against state legislation that would ban discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity, including an LGBTQ rights ordinance in Lincoln, the state’s capital.

    1. Oh, wow. Real smart offending the biggest mouth in the organization.

    2. I can’t help noticing that NBC News puts pro-life and pro-family in quotes, but writes LGBTQ rights without them. If the politics and demographics were tilted about 123 degrees we would be calling this white supremacism.

    For the past year or so I’ve been reading stories about people being immediately terminated from dining establishments for harassing or refusing to serve police officers or people they perceive to be police officers.

    I think upholding public order is a decent enough thing and when someone chooses to do it they should do so openly, and proudly. Let’s see if this NBC News carried a comment by the coffee shop saying so like we normally get from businesses that fire anti-cop people.

    According to Weiss, Synek was a regular at Cultiva, which is owned and operated by LGBTQ employees,

    Jason Anderson, owner of the shop, wrote in an email to NBC News that the incident was a “regrettable situation on many levels.”

    “Groups like the Nebraska Family Alliance pose a direct threat to her life

    [Oh, please.]

    “and to the entire LGBT community,” Anderson added. “As for the incident in our store, we responded as we would with any other staff member, apologized as we would to any nondisruptive guest, and later attempted to defuse public anger and threats with our social media post.”


    I don’t really like the response. But it’s good enough for me. I cannot tell you how much of a relief it can be to find a place that sells food when I’m really tired and in a strange place. That’s how you might become a regular.

    This one pizzeria has a picture of the Pope.
    The other one had illegal immigrants under the last management, though I’m not supposed to actually know that.

    I don’t trust pronouncements of “good vs. evil” when I’m outdoors, only security matters. And I don’t confuse the two.

    “The Nebraska Family Alliance always tells gay people to go get their wedding cakes at another shop if one won’t serve them, so why couldn’t Synek go to another shop instead of starting a firestorm within 24 hours?”

    I might be interested in entertaining that question if the person who asked wasn’t a thug.

  2. posted by Jorge on

    “We know that we have got male and female, but there are over 100, if not more, gender identities now.”

    We’ve certainly come a long way since the days when video games simply asking if you were a boy or a girl was revolutionary. LGBT-friendly gaming is still rare, but we have some games that let you choose gender discordant appearances, and I even have one that actually lets you create transgender characters (doesn’t label them as such, but the concept easily allows the interpretation). These games are normally for teens and above, but there’s no reason the presentation can’t be marketed for little kids. Maybe we should have a game with a fantasy race that has 100 genders, each with their own special mechanic. Simply give them a “Gender” score from 1-100….

  3. posted by David Bauler on

    what about the religious freedom of the transgender employee? Oh, wait a second. Asking for consistency offends conservatives.

    • posted by Robert on

      I have no idea what this comment means. Religious conservatives have consistently been happy to serve LGBT customers who come into their establishments; they don’t want to use their creative talents to help celebrate same-sex weddings, which violates their religious belief.
      If the transgender clerk had refused to help cater an anti-gay rights rally, that might be somewhat of a parallel, but that of course is not what happened here.

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