‘Not Going to Happen’

As I’ve said before, actual transsexuals who seek to transition and live as their perceived authentic gender don’t benefit from the LGBTQ movement’s embrace of gender nihilism.

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  1. posted by Jorge on

    After your kids called your attention to my gender expression, you all did pretty much the same thing. You looked my way, made eye contact with me, became swiftly embarrassed yourselves, and told your kids that “It’s not nice to talk about strangers.”

    I can see why about 20% of people who aren’t lilly-white American as apple pie might have a problem with that. Implicit racism upholding true blue-blooded Jim Crow racsexphobia because Americans really hate everybody and all that.

    Parents, I’ve decided that we need to have a little chat, because you can do better than that. You have to do better. You owe it to me, to the trans community, and to your kids’ emotional development to do better.

    I can’t think of many things worse for children’s emotional development than to stop a parent from telling their child No.

    Beneath every observation of difference is an implied question about whether or not that difference is acceptable.

    I agree.

    When you turned to your child and awkwardly said “It’s not nice to talk about strangers,” you not only didn’t answer their question

    The implied statement is one of tolerance and politeness. That we should not be enemies with people who are very different from us.

    Being friends with people who are very different from us can perhaps be done, but as Megan Fox from PJ Media says…

    Because let me tell you something, the conversation that will follow may be very important to have, but there’s no guarantee the stranger will like it. And there’s no obligation to make it so.

  2. posted by mike king & David Bauler on

    Civility is a dying art.

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