Too Much Protest?

As Dave Chappelle said, “No matter what you do…, you are never, ever, allowed to upset the alphabet people.”

A few examples of protests that seem to overreach:

[Parody that hits the mark:]

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  1. posted by Jorge on

    That “It” (and its vile bully also-rans) has invoked horrifying terror toward girls, blacks, Jews, people with disabilities, and straight males, all of which I am not.

    I’m glad for the warning. Perhaps I should go and watch it and feel that sickness.

  2. posted by mike king & David Bauler on

    1. Stephen King wrote the gay bashing in response to an actual hate crime that took place. Raising awareness of hate crimes was the goal.

    2. Chicky Fried Filet or whatever its called is a large business and its gay workers often work without basic civil rights protections. That is the big problem with the company. The fundraising issue is a distant second, but it gets the most press.

  3. posted by mike king & David Bauler on

    3. The issue of disability rights is a senitive one. The business owner claims to have acted in good faith, we will see.

    4. As we understand things, the draq queen reading at the library was voluntary. Parents were not obligated to participate.

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