Calling Voters ‘Bigots’ Isn’t a Winning Strategy

Kurt Schlichter captures how a lot of average Americans are feeling these days. He writes:
You’re stupid because you think there’s just two genders and that you don’t consider a “bi-curious femme-friendly questioning two-spirit” an option.

You’re a monster for wondering why boys in drag are competing (and setting “records”) in girls’ sports and for not accepting that men have periods too. …

Racist. Sexist. Ableist. Imperialist. Global Warming Denialist. Fatist.

Homophobe. Islamophobe. Transphobe. Confronting-Your-Owning-A-Dog-Privilegephobe.

Blah blah blah blah blah.

No matter what, you’re wrong.

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  1. posted by mike king & David Bauler on

    Townhall speaks for the far right.

    • posted by CraigR on

      Townhall is a mainstream conservative/Republican site. It is certainly not “far right.”

  2. posted by Kosh III on

    Winning or not, many of them ARE bigots. Homocons need to come out of their comfy liberal enclaves and live where Trump devotees live.
    I’ve seen it, heard it all my life here in the South and elsewhere.

  3. posted by Jorge on

    This Townhall column is crap poorly disguised as red meat. I was going to post something in response to Mr. Miller’s own point, but then I read this Kurt Schilichter’s article and I could not bear to dignify it.

    There is not one sentence in it that is meant to inform. I cannot identify even one discrete grievance or incident the author cites. There is not one moment in it which invites one to think and reflect. It is a harangue not only without end, but without a beginning. It’s so bad it couldn’t make it into a Trump speech even if you handed it to him in while he’s on the toilet at 3AM using Twitter.

    You could read whole collection of Trump’s lies together in the same amount of words and you would come away a more fair-minded person than from reading this article.

    You could spend an entire day with the Westboro Baptist Church and come away more informed than from reading this article, because you’ll have learned what one verse in the Bible reads.

    This is one of the worst things I’ve ever read.

  4. posted by JohnInCA on

    You know, at least when folks were responding to Clinton’s “Deplorable” comments, they were actually pointing at something someone said.

    This Schilichter article is just him hedging on his sympathetic readers going along with it, without expecting any actual examples of high-profile Democrats/liberals/whatever calling them bigots.

    And did you notice the bit at the end, where he pushed his book?

    If you want to make an argument about how honest insults don’t help the conversation, go for it. This dude is not a worthy poster child for that argument.

  5. posted by Jim Michaud on

    That attached video was ridiculous. I don’t know of ANY vegan that objects to even saying the word “cheese”. A teensy weensy bit ham handed, eh Stephen?

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