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  1. posted by Jorge on

    Oh, I’ll probably be back on this one.

    From the Washington Times one: “The list of these public pushbacks at traditional American patriotic customs and rituals could be multiplied.

    Such theater is the street version of what candidates in the Democratic presidential primary have been saying for months.”

    You could change the party and length of time and still have a true statement. The President had better hurry up and Make America Break Again, before it falls apart. Excuse me, Make America Great Again.

    “Female waxers are being branded ‘transphobic’ because they refused to wax a trans-woman’s bollocks.”

    I think they’re just uptight.

    You have to remember, the personal grooming industry is a trade. Very friendly for the children of immigrants from sex-no-no countries. Oh, and the article even points it out–actual immigrants, I was being polite out of my ignorance.

    Personally I do not agree entirely with the article though. This is not simply a case of misogyny. That is only the temporary effect of social change, one that can resolve without problems in a couple of decades.

    Why? Would anyone seriously question ordering a nurse or a doctor to touch a man’s penis or testicles if it was needed to provide medically necessary care (not to mention the nursing assistants and other lower on the medical totem pole)? We barely even have male nurses? The profession has faced the issue and given professional training and supervision so that the need is met.

    So it strikes me as perfectly reasonable for the government to require, as a condition of licensing, that staff be trained to mandle, er, I mean handle, staff of both sexes. I mean the professional care of both sexes (I swear these Freudian typos are not intentional).

    Just give a grace period or require professional training for godsakes. It is completely inappropriate to change someone’s contract mid-course without providing adequate notice, time to adjust, and time to bargain. We saw this with that Kentucky clerk who had federal law change under her and she didn’t know how to change the policy so that people could get married without her having to do it. Or how to send herself to training so that she’d understand her responsibility to do it and commit herself to it.

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