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  1. posted by Jorge on

    Oh, the religious freedom thing.

    “Riggleman said he thought the legislation infringed on parental rights.” (That’s conservative, all right. Love the article’s word choice–yes, I can see what the concern is. But it’s not entirely the author’s fault, she was unable to get any other right-leaning political commentary on the record, and that’s how reporters operate, at least openly.)

    “We’re not moderate,” LeCounte said. “We’re both pretty staunchly conservative.”

    The moderate Republicans who are more likely to embrace gay rights tend to be “squishy on issues we care about,” he said.

    “He’s a conservative Republican,” Pisciarino said of Riggleman. “He’s just accepting.”

  2. posted by Jorge on

    I wanted to say here, as this is where a few people have learned some things about how I see my life, that my grandmother passed yesterday. Faithful but homebound and non-church attending (“non-practicing Catholic”), she was the first person in my family I came out to, despite knowing that was not the easiest way to come out to my family, especially during a time when I internalized how the head of a family would perceive something that her generation had not learned to be a path toward a traditional family (actually I was wrong about that part but no one had told me at the time). This struggle became a strong part of my formative young adult experience for several years, and I was grateful for knowing it was not worse. Perhaps I will tell more to one of the media.

  3. posted by Kosh III on

    One step forward with this Rep.
    Two steps back with the Secretary of State of Alatalibama

    • posted by Jorge on

      LGBT lifestyles on TV used to be part of the trash talk TV part of the culture–about 20 years ago. That’s not the only place they were but who else would pay attention? Now it is not, and “wife swap” is now part of the maybe slightly more wholesome version.

      Conservatives couldn’t get people to stay in the closet, and it was for no lack of trying. And they couldn’t get people to follow the Mike Pence rule either, and that’s because they didn’t even try. You only threw stones at others and you didn’t take the time to put your own house in order. This is the result.

  4. posted by JohnInCA on

    Seriously? You’re mad that the article didn’t dig into people’s reasoning more?

    The only “arguments” it presented about the Equality Act was one guy saying they should support it, and the representative saying he didn’t because of parental rights issues. No depth on any.

    Not all articles are in-depth pieces dude.

  5. posted by Mike King & David "TJ" Bauler on

    Homocons: We want in-depth news articles, but we also want to be given a pass when we make BS statements like, “Behold the Democratic party”.

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