LGBT Queer Left Still Attacking Mayor Pete

Update: The “New Republic” pulls the article and apologizes. But really, what we’re they thinking.

The full article is archived, as least as of this writing, here. Another eye-popping passage:

Mary Pete is a neoliberal and a Jeffersonian meritocrat, which is to say he’s just another unrepentant or at least unexamined beneficiary of white male privilege…. Like Kirsten Gillibrand, he believes in “healthy capitalism,” which is a bit like saying you believe in “healthy cancer”: Yeah, you can (usually) treat it, but wouldn’t you rather be cured?

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  1. posted by Jorge on

    I thought the New Republic was a conservative rag when I first heard about this.

    I refused to read it, and even then I learned enough from the excerpts to get angry.

    But really, what we’re they thinking.

    That no one would notice. And even if someone did, their liberal and centrist peers would give them cover.

    “Media Twitter Blasts Stunning New Republic Piece on Buttigieg”

    (Looks up the names of the Tweet authors.)

    I see. The rank and file got upset. And the reserves.

    I like Josh Barro’s observation. “The paragraphs in that TNR piece are way too long…. Obviously this is not the key problem with the piece. But being written in that style is usually a good sign that an article is stupid.” I am *not* buying the editor’s excuse the article was intended as satire.

    • posted by Rob McGee on

      I am *not* buying the editor’s excuse the article was intended as satire.

      I have no trouble at all believing that Dale Peck is stupid enough to THINK that he was writing satire.

  2. posted by Mike King & David "TJ" Bauler on

    More homocons acting like professional complainers.

    Pete Buttigieg is not going to get the nomination, but it is interesting to see openly LGBT candidates run for president. ‘interesting’ because it shows you how comfortable each political party is with LGBT rights.

    Fred S. Karger ran in the GOP primary in 2012 and got a much colder reception from the GOP then Pete has gotten (by in large). People object to how progressive mayor pete is, but his sexuality isn’t a problem. In contrast, I do not think that too many Republicans even listened to what Karger had to say.

    • posted by Jason on

      More homocons acting like professional complainers.

      Mike King & David “TJ” Bauler, you do realize that the attack on Mayor Peter is coming from the left, don’t you? Or perhaps you not only didn’t bother to read the linked articles, but didn’t read the IGF post itself before sharing your wisdom.

  3. posted by Rob McGee on

    Here are some of the take-home messages I got from the Dale Peck column:

    (1) Pete Buttigieg (unlike Dale Peck) has boringly conventional middle-class values.
    (2) Pete Buttigieg (unlike Dale Peck) does not consider Capitalism to be a malignant cancer that must be utterly eradicated for the good of the patient.
    (3) Pete Buttigieg (unlike Dale Peck) has zero street-cred as a Queer Radical.

    Does it really need to be pointed out that Radical Queer street-cred is the very last thing that a candidate for the White House would want to have? And that you can’t DAMAGE an American politician’s reputation by saying “He’s just not Marxist enough”?

    Despite the piece’s outward tone, it seems less like an attack, and more like a pro-Buttigieg puff piece. (If I were Kamala Harris or Elizabeth Warren, I’d be wondering, “How can I get Dale Peck to write a nasty condescending screed about me?”)

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