‘Pride is for everyone of goodwill’

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  1. posted by Jorge on

    “According to Christopher Hashemzadeh’s June 19 letter, you “shouldn’t come to Pride” if you vote for the wrong sorts of candidates, if you keep your views to yourself rather than being outspoken about LGBT issues, or if you fall short of his standards of correct belief on gender politics, “classism,” and many other issues.”


    (From the original letter:) “Pride started to create a safe space for those who felt they had to hide who they are, and to recognize those who had been persecuted for their sexual orientation or gender expression. We have developed into a loud and proud community, so accept ALL of us or none at all…”

    Applying that standard to today’s Democratic debate, I eagerly demand that since Pete Buttigeig doesn’t support right-wing Evangelicalism, he shouldn’t be running for president. Most liberals make no apologies for who their enemies are. Neither do I.

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