The Equality Act Builds ‘LGBTQ Rights’ on the Oppression of Others

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  1. posted by Jorge on

    On second thought, if the bill becomes law, and is really that horrific, maybe there’ll be a center-right backlash that gets Trump re-elected with a Republican majority, and we can finally pass immigration reform.

    If Trump vetoes the bill, and it’s really that dumb, maybe his veto message will be so inspiring it gets Trump re-elected with a Republican majority…

    If McConnell drones against the bill, and it fails to pass, maybe there’ll be a right wing unity movement that increases Trump’s base and he get’s re-elected, and we can finally pass immigration reform.

    If one is committed to both oppose the bill and support the Trump presidency, just about every way to finesse the bill does not make sense. That is why we are seeing a direct attack on the bill. Wait, there’s something…

    Can the bill be ignored if it passes? The Americans With Disabilities Act is not necessarily mirrored in the states (it’s a very strong law), and there is basically no enforcement on private businesses other than private lawsuits. It’s stronger on agencies that receive federal funding like schools and cities… but those strings are already being pulled. Just wait 20 years for the lawsuits to die down and for funding to be gutted.

    So…. I’m staying neutral for now.

  2. posted by mike king & David Bauler on

    if you dont like Equality, feel free to try to sell people on your idea. Insults are not a good idea, no matter how smart you think they make you seem.

  3. posted by JohnInCA on

    It eviscerates conscience exceptions under civil rights laws, guts the Religious Freedom Restoration Act […]

    Those exceptions already don’t exist. That’s the reason claims that recently proposed state-level RFRA laws are no different from the RFRA have been lies, because those new proposed laws all add those exceptions, whereas they don’t actually exist currently.

    To put it simply… your “Christian Bakery” cannot point to Exodus 22:18 KJV and refuse service to a Wiccan under federal law.

    So whatever else the Equality Act does, that part is just codifying what is already precedent. If you want those exceptions, opposing the Equality Act is not sufficient or necessary.

    Dems could have done an Equality Act that merely adds orientation & identity to the usual list of race, sex, etc., and it […]

    Still wouldn’t get a vote in the Senate.

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