An Unuseful Tragedy

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  1. posted by Jorge on

    First things first. I have not been following this story. I trust others will make things right. This is the first I’m hearing the suspects were LGBT (although I did find pictures of the suspect in court to be… I dunno, frumpy. Like Susan Smith, or Irma from the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon).

    “The media loves bloodshed, but not bloodshed it can’t use.”

    They found that one of the shooters is gay and another is transgendered and biologically female…

    I always thought intersectionalism was unrivaled at turning every kind of situation into an oppression olympics. I hardly think the shooters being LGBT and expressing hatred of Christians works against the incident’s shameless exploitation.

    Why, then, would “the media” decline? There are only a few possible reasons:

    1) The article is false: the media is shamefully exploiting the bloodshed.

    2) The media has already committed itself to exploiting the tragedy (oh dear, that “tragedy” word was quite involuntary… I guess I really am on the right) using a narrative that paints the deceased as the victims

    2a) And they got caught and fled

    2b) So it can’t change the narrative

    3) The media is not intersectionalist enough to exploit the identity of the shooters.

    “All the shooters throughout history, when put together, are a diverse lot. They range from white to Middle-Eastern, to black. They’re left, right, white-supremacists and anti-Christian, gay and straight, women and men. While some killers tend to share more similarities with other killers, the point is clear: It’s not just what your background is.”

    I wonder what that could be?

    1) Their weapon of choice.
    2) They’re living in the West.
    3) They’re evil.
    4) They’re alienated.

    Oh, and 5) They’re mental. Missed that one.

    I don’t much like calling them mental. It brings back shades of the belief that gays are inherently mentally ill when it took a lot of study to figure you can get rid of all the mental differences by society treating us better. (Oh, dear again. I think I just stumbled onto the reason the media is burying the story.)

  2. posted by Tom Scharbach on

    Redstate, not surprisingly, is full of —.

    The STEM school shooting got about four day’s coverage, and then the media moved on.

    That’s not surprising, either. And it isn’t because the shooters were LGBT, faggot-darlings of the liberal media, as Redstate suggests. It’s because school shootings have become so commonplace that a school shooting has to run up a sizeable number of kills to keep the media’s attention for more than a day or two .

    This is a list of school shootings so far this year:

    Jan. 31, Memphis
    A 14-year-old at Manassas High School in Memphis was shot with a pellet gun at school, according to news reports. The student’s injury was not life-threatening.

    Feb. 8, Baltimore
    A man entered Frederick Douglass High School and shot and injured a staff member, prompting students to hide in their classrooms at the sound of gunfire. The police said they believed the gunman had targeted the victim, a 56-year-old special education assistant.

    Feb. 12, Kansas City, Mo.
    A teenage girl was shot and killed outside a high school in Kansas City after an argument at an evening basketball game. The police said that the assailant and girl knew each other, and that it appeared the suspect had waited in the parking lot and shot the girl as she left the game.

    Feb. 26, Montgomery, Ala.
    A 17-year-old student at Robert E. Lee High School was shot and wounded in an arm by another student, the police said. The school was placed on lockdown and the assailant was arrested. According to news media reports, it was the second time in two years that a student had taken a gun to that school and shot another student.

    Apr. 1, Prescott, Ark.
    A 14-year-old eighth grader at Prescott High School was shot and injured by a classmate, who the authorities said took a concealed handgun to school.
    Editors’ Picks

    Apr. 30, Charlotte, N.C.
    Two students were killed and four others were wounded after a gunman opened fire in an anthropology class at the University of North Carolina at Charlotte. One of the students who was killed, Riley Howell, was credited with charging and body-slamming the gunman, stopping the massacre.

    May 7, Highlands Ranch, Colo.
    One student was killed and eight others were injured earlier this week in an attack on an English class at STEM School Highlands Ranch. Two students were apprehended and charged with the shooting, which took place just miles from Columbine High School, the site of a massacre 20 years ago.

    May 7, Savannah, Ga.
    A Savannah State University student was shot and wounded in a residential hall on campus. The authorities said a man who was not a student was arrested in the shooting.

    Can you point to any of them that got more attention or more sustained coverage than the STEM school shooting?

    Didn’t think so.

  3. posted by Jorge on

    Re: the new comment policy.

    Well, one, as this announcement comes as an addendum, I hope it gets repeated.

    Two, it’s interesting to observe the word choice of “obscene” rather than “offensive” and I wonder if it’s intentional. This being a private, gay-authored blog whose commenters are almost universally gays well over 25, some offensive language is simply not triggering.
    And three, as a follow up, I would rather not have it confirmed that this policy and where I see its limits are purely to comply with legal or business requirements that are themselves homophobic.

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