Martina’s Thought Crime

More. Andrew Sullivan writes (second item):

If you take this argument seriously — that biology is entirely a function of gender identity — then the whole notion of separate male and female sports events is in doubt. A trans woman should, in my view, be treated exactly as a woman — unless, as in this case, it clashes with biological reality. There aren’t many contexts in which this really counts, but sports is one of them. Yes, it sucks. But denying reality is stupid, can easily backfire, and will alienate countless otherwise sympathetic people. And note that if the Equality Act were to pass — a priority for Nancy Pelosi — it would be illegal to bar a trans woman from competing against biological females, as it is already in many states.

It is even transphobic, I am now informed, for a gay man not to want to sleep with a trans man who has a vagina. In response to my recent column on the subject, I was told by Sue Hyde, a woman who is at the very heart of the LGBTQIA++ movement, to, yes, give it a try: “Maybe Sullivan … would give [a handsome trans man with a vagina who uses a dildo as a penis] a toss in the hay and next day, be singing a different tune about category woman/girl >>> category man/boy persons’ capacities to uphold and expand the experiences and meanings of homosex.” Maybe. Or maybe I’ll sleep with whomever I want — you know, something we used to call sexual freedom.

But this is how deep the ideology runs. It wants to control not only the public discourse, and language, and rig sports contests, but also insinuate itself into the most intimate areas of an individual’s sex life. Once upon a time, the religious right would tell me that I should sleep with women because I might find the right one and finally be happy. Now the intersectional left is telling me something almost exactly the same. What has happened to this movement? Where on earth has it gone?

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  1. posted by Jorge on

    Her comments were condemned as “disturbing, upsetting, and deeply transphobic.”

    Well, and they are.

    Her reasoning is sound. That does not necessarily mean she is right.

  2. posted by Kosh III on

    She assumes all transgender male to female are larger and stronger than non-trans females.
    Has she never seen Gwendoline Christie/Brienne of Tarth?

    • posted by PaulK on

      She assumes all transgender male to female are larger and stronger than non-trans females.

      No, she doesn’t, and it’s ridiculous to assert that she does. She’s referencing competitive athletes, who are either biological males (typically in high school and college programs) or those who grew to maturity as biological males, and who are now demanding to compete against women.

  3. posted by Mike King & David "TJ" Bauler on

    We are not transgender or an expert on sports policy. Is their actual research as to whether or not transgender athletes (post-operation) are at an advantage?

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