Jussie Smollett: Truth vs. Narrative

Not long after the media misreported and progressive politicos, celebs and pundits stoked a false narrative about the Covington kids, the same players did about the same thing over the Jussie Smollett alleged hate crime, which now appears to be what many thought it obviously was likely to be—a hoax.

The Washington Blade seems to be doing the same.

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  1. posted by Jorge on

    You should have seen the look on my friend’s usually poker-face when I even suggested it might be fake news.

    Personally I thought it was most likely a genuine attack in which the victim made up one or more details (namely the ridiculous on its face MAGA statement)–we had one of those in NYC when I was growing up. Most of the other bizarre details could be explained one way or another. There’s a lot of justified paranoia toward the authorities among minority gays.

    I believe it remains possible the attack was genuine and the motivation was personal or homophobic. We’ll know for certain once we find the money the brothers were supposedly paid in advance. Any minute now we will learn the innocuous reason behind it… or not.

    I’m not giddy. But I am angry. I think the brothers should still be charged. Unacceptable. That’s when Mr. Smollett will get his.

  2. posted by MDBuck on

    I honestly knew this had a rotten ring to it from the get-go. There have been numerous, similar hoaxes that all have someone being “victimized” at the hands of a crazed Trump supporter. And today’s ersatz “journalists” are all too willing to lap up every morsel.

    The fact that the dinwitted Booker is holding on to the narrative with both hands only makes it more laughable.

  3. posted by MR Bill on

    AS a sometimes journalist, and skeptic, I generally assume stories about media figures, and those figures claims need to work out in the press before going all in on buying into said claims.
    Like a lot of folks on the left, I thought Smolett’s claims possible: but the accumulation of detail (it was the refusal to turn over cell phone to police that made me go “hummmm”…) made it seem shadier as the narrative grew.
    Now it appears the events were a staged attempt to…get sympathy and a higher salary? If true, Mr. Smolett is prey to complex stupidity.

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