Hate Is Not a Virtue Because You’re a Progressive

I hope that sharing power in a divided government will make Democrats less likely to continue inciting mob hatred of anyone who dares commit the heresy of disagreeing publicly with progressive and identitarian dogmas. But I’m not hopeful.

Via Tucker Carlson:

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  1. posted by Matthew on

    Oppressor classes deserve to be hated.

  2. posted by MR Bill on

    ” I was there for the entirety of the 10-minute demonstration, and can report in detail what actually happened.

    A group numbering 13 or 14 protesters trailed by four protest observers, some in the bright green hats often worn by trained First Amendment legal observers when monitoring police-protester interactions, walked up Carlson’s street just after dark on Wednesday.

    One of the protesters knocked firmly on Carlson’s front door three times then trotted back down the steps to join the rest of the group in the street. This person did not throw their body against the door, as Carlson has claimed to newspapers. A police report on the incident makes no mention of damage to the Carlsons’ front door from the three stiff knocks, contradicting Carlson’s claim that the demonstrators had cracked the door.

    Another protester read a brief statement through an amplifying device, then led the group in a series of chants against Carlson’s habitual promotion of white supremacist ideology and xenophobia on his Fox News program. Some of the chants included the refrain “we know where you sleep at night.” At multiple points, a chant broke down despite the rhythm-track efforts of a protester with a tambourine.

    Video posted on LiveLeak shows portions of the event, which lasted less than 10 minutes. It also illustrates Carlson’s other embellishment — that one person was caught on a security video saying they wanted to return to his home with a pipe bomb. In fact, the person filming is heard saying “Pipe bombs! Synagogue victims!” as the speaker with the amplifying device wraps up their initial statement and begins to lead chants. ”

  3. posted by Matthew on

    “I hope that sharing power in a divided government will make Democrats less likely to continue inciting mob hatred of anyone who dares commit the heresy of disagreeing publicly with progressive and identitarian dogmas. But I’m not hopeful.”

    Has it ever? Hell, it was the Clintons who turned The Politics of Personal Destruction into an art form.

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  5. posted by Matthew on

    “Hate Is Not a Virtue Because You’re a Progressive”

    No, hate is a virtue because it is an appropriate response to immoral behavior being normalized by the oppressor classes. HeteroRAPEual men cockblocking gay men is worse than rape and should be punished even more harshly as a civil rights violation. Consent is a myth under the straightriarchy (without which the patriarchy feminists hate couldn’t possibly exist), and after all white heterosexual gentile men have done to rape and endanger women, especially nonwhite women and lesbians, gay men have earned the right of retaliation. There’s no such thing as gay rape and no such thing as consensual breeder sex.


  6. posted by Matthew on

    Gay sex is a human right and heterosexuality is a human rights violation.

  7. posted by Jorge on

    I’m glad that sick hag with a capital Sp- got splashed. Yes, that is absolutely a minced slur.

    And since I just called someone who shares my demographics two slurs, I can well understand why lesser people would go low by getting physical.

    Fake news with a doctored video.

    I don’t care if that attack was accidental, incidental, slow, backwards, or fake. He assaulted someone in a place of business run by another, and it is the proprietor’s prerogative to say, “Someone who is here on my protection was attacked, get out and don’t come back!” The proprietor has the facts backwards? Too bad! Next time make your behavior above reproach and maybe people won’t think ill of you. That’s true of the Jim Acosta incident and that’s true here as well. The sacred First Amendment is no defense of the former, and the sacred gay Hispanic defense (assuming there was one?) is just as meaningless here.

    • posted by Kosh III on

      Acosta was initially grabbed by a WH staffer, he was assaulted.

      • posted by Matthew on

        And once again, Regressive Leftists are trying to gaslight a woman who was subjected to male violence by a privileged member of the white heterosexual gentile oppressor classes. Why do you hate women, you misogynistic toad?

      • posted by Matthew on

        Jim Acosta is just another white male terrorist like Michael Avenatti, Alec Baldwin, James “Strech Cunningham” Cromwell, and Eric Swalwell. All Slaveocrats.

      • posted by Matthew on

        She instigated nothing, you sexist prick. I’ve worked in video almost my whole life, so I know a doctored video when I see one, and that wasn’t it.

        Gay white leftists are a disgrace to gay people. As socialist nincompoops turned once-thriving US cities into second-world shitholes, you stood there and did nothing but cheer them on despite mountains of evidence that the things you support do not work anywhere on Earth no matter who tries them. As Islamofascist shitholes doubled down on their genocidal homophobia, you stood there and did nothing but attack the GOP and Israel instead. As the transcult started slowly plunging a knife in our backs while carrying out the ritualized sterilization of future generations of gay people, you stood there and did nothing but projected your own self-hate onto the rest of us for calling it out. Your sanctimony, stupidity, and thinly veiled bigotry and contempt for anything outside of the extremely narrow el-jibbity ghetto bubble you cloister yourself into is going to get us all killed.

      • posted by Jorge on

        Would you have been happier if he had been forcibly removed by a Secret Service agent instead of having the microphone confiscated? Under the circumstances, I think he got off easy.

        • posted by Matthew on

          I would have been happier if his arm had been cut off in accordance with the Code of Hammurabi.

        • posted by Kosh III on

          Last time I looked lese majeste was not a crime in this country even if it’s done by CNN.

          • posted by Matthew on

            And last time I checked, violence against women, especially when a dago breeder goy douchebag does it, is a crime.

  8. posted by Kosh III on

    Tell me again how the GOP and Trump are oh so gay friendly?


    • posted by Matthew on

      Anti-el-jibbity is pro-gay. The GOP has no business being a party to male genital mutilation. Or female genital mutilation for that matter. Transcult-supporting links = fake news, spam, and hate speech all rolled into one.

    • posted by Jorge on

      If you don’t already know by now, you may be “Too stupid to vote for him.”

      While I am *very* sympathetic to the conservatives’ outrage on purely law-and-order grounds (hello? it’s Congress that writes social policy, not the president or some back door socialist hack), that same inclination leads me to the conclusion that they are misguided.

      It seems to me perfectly appropriate for the President to use every tool at his disposal short of the tools that aren’t to promote any policy he wishes, liberal, conservative, or otherwise. This includes the use of Twitter and executive orders to unmake Obama’s Cell phone and pen combo, and his unique Apprentice dealmaking skills. “Until crossing the boundaries of what is allowed, showing initiative is no crime.”

      • posted by Matthew on

        Misguided, maybe. But the Slaveocrats are just out of control. Give them any power, and it corrupts them even more than it does Republicans. It seems to me that the Slaveocrats have been spending the last 20 years wanting to get back at the GOP for the Clinton impeachment, even going so far as to undermine national security.

  9. posted by MR Bill on

    When I see the words “Camille Paglia” I click the close button…

    • posted by Matthew on

      Why don’t you just admit you hate women, asshole?

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