Lambda Legal’s Travails

From Huffington Post, which skews progressive left. That said, hard to see who is/isn’t most at fault. Downplaying support for marginalized LGBTQ communities such as the incarcerated in favor of marquee cases that gin up fundraising and name recognition seems bad. But making the agenda intersectional to embrace all marginalized communities and progressive causes seems bad for the mission, too.

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  1. posted by Tom Scharbach on

    Lambda is going though a period internal turmoil and readjustment as it redefines its mission post-Obergefell. Organizations do that from time to time. As I recall, Heritage Foundation went through a similar period a few years back.

    The primary work of Lambda Legal continues to go forward — cases have been filed in seven states in the last couple of weeks, for example — and although there is a chance that the organization will flounder, I don’t see it happening.

    For all the heavy breathing, I suspect that there isn’t much to see here, let alone anything to get excited about. It will settle out or the organization will have outlived its usefulness.

    • posted by Matthew on

      When gay marriage is the law of every land and there is nowhere on Earth where anti-gay bigots can legally discriminate against us, then civil rights organizations will have outlived their useful purpose. Logically, the focus should be on anti-discrimination laws and reforming other countries’ gay rights laws. Unfortunately, that’s not what they’re doing.

    • posted by Tom Scharbach on

      Logically, the focus should be on anti-discrimination laws and reforming other countries’ gay rights laws. Unfortunately, that’s not what they’re doing.

      Lambda Legal’s primary mission is to pursue litigation protecting and advancing the legal rights of gay, lesbian, bisexual and transgender Americans, focusing on cases that Lambda believes will have the maximum national impact. It is not primarily a lobbying organization, and it does not operate in other countries.

      • posted by Matthew on

        Joining the transcult is a choice. Being gay is not. Lambda is just another transcult shakedown group and so is any organization that refuses to stand up to the cult of jenn-durr.

  2. posted by Jorge on

    From Huffington Post, which skews progressive left.

    Via IGF Culture Watch, which skews vegetarian right.

    “The LGBTQ group’s internal chaos comes at a terrible time as queer America battles the Trump administration’s hostility.”

    Get in line. The Trump administration’s hostility is the cause of almost every group in America. Okay, that that’s out of my system…

    “The 45-year-old organization has lost about half its staff since 2016, when a new CEO, Rachel Tiven, initiated an acrimonious shakeup, deep cuts to employee benefits and a messy fight over Lambda’s tactics, priorities and limitations.”

    That sounds completely appropriate as I imagine that’s just the time fundraising dried up.

    I am not hearing that its finances are a problem. As far as I’m concerned, that means it’s doing well.

    If the LL is to play a significant role in the post-marriage USA, I think it does need to go into the trenches to find violations of settled law, which means cheaper lawyers arguing cases lower down in the court system.

    But that would only be my vote among many.

    The stakes of what multiple sources described as a war “for Lambda’s soul” couldn’t be higher.

    I think they couldn’t be more irrelevant.

    Senator Lindsey Graham endorsed 17 different candidates before Donald Trump won the nomination. Now, even though they’re like best buddies, they still seem to agree on almost nothing (relations with Saudi Arabia being the most recent source of daylight between them). The Never Trump movement will never die.

    If the archenemy of Donald Trump can turn into what many consider a hypocritical bootlicker, and still exert the exact same pressure against the Trump administration, then it seems to me that not much in this country is irreplaceable on a national level. The forces to which Lambda Legal swears fealty are stronger than any one organization, leadership, or decision. What must happen simply will happen.

  3. posted by David Bauler on

    LL was not really setup to lobby legislators. That follows largely onto underfunded state and local groups.

    Congress could defend the American civil rights of LGBT or even just LGB, but its unlikely to do so.

    Too many Congressmen worry about getting attacked for supporting any gay rights bill. Even if the transgender issue was tabled, its unlikely to get out of committee, let alone a full vote.

    • posted by Matthew on

      Then prove it. Draft trans-free gay-only civil rights legislation and see how much support it gets from either side of the aisle. It’s them or us. You can’t support us both any more than you can support both Jews and Nazis. Gays are the Jews here, trannies are the Nazis for their ideas about human sexuality are the same as Hitler’s. Without the sexual stereotypes the patriarchy needs to exist, the transcult would go away because the cult of jenn-durr would have nothing to build a cult around.

  4. posted by David Bauler on

    Saudi Arabia has a horrible record with regards to human rights. It still technically has death penalty for homosexuality.

    Btw, withn the limited Saudi politics, Only the Green Party of Saudi Arabia objected to this institutional homophobia.

    • posted by Tom Scharbach on

      Saudi Arabia has a horrible record with regards to human rights.

      One down, fourteen to go. MAGA.

      • posted by Jorge on

        You know I’ve been watching snippets of the UK House of Cards series. It’s quite the bloodbath. “It’s necessary.” And quite horrifying how much I agree with the villain.

        I should be indifferent to any one person. But the United States and Turkey were not! It makes us out to be liars when we grant someone sanctuary and they are killed in spite of it, within the borders of a country that is part of our most important military alliance. Indifference is meaningless when it is punished.

        I do feel that if every single person present in the apparent (and credibly so) murder and butchering of Jamal Khashoggi were themselves assassinated, then it would be a shame that I could bear.

        It would be shameful because the crown prince would survive. Do I believe the story that he merely ordered a kidnapping? Do I believe that he was just another Bush over Abu Gharib, another Obama over the extrajudicial murder of Osama bin Laden?

        That won’t save him.

        I feel bad for the loyalists of that country.

        I feel worse for his late betrothed.

        • posted by Matthew on

          Osama Bin Laden deserved to die. Good fucking riddance. Now it’s time to send the rest of the camel fucker subset of the cracker breeder goy oppressor class to meet their 72 virgins whom I hope are all wrinkly old nuns.

    • posted by Matthew on

      Then let Israel take over the whole goddamn Middle East.

  5. posted by Matthew on

    Huffington Post is a hate site and so is any site that uses the Q-word to denigrate homosexuality. Is this how Lisa Douglas, whoops I mean Ariana Huffington gets back at her gay ex-husband?

    The Regressive Left is anti-gay to the core, and their love bombing combined with manipulative language was just a cover for that. Anyone who can’t see that is willfully blind.

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