Still Controversial

It’s ok just to be roommates, but Bert and Ernie always seemed like something more in the way they banter like a married couple.

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  1. posted by Matthew on

    All these arguments tend to sideline the fact that Miss Piggy is played by a man.

  2. posted by Chang on

    Quick! Matthew is gonna tell us the size of his [censored] and how we likes to blame his problems on the disabled.

    • posted by Matthew on

      Shut your self-loathing antisemitic negrophobic mouth the goddamn hell up, you limp-dicked racist imperialist pig-fucker. Africa for the Africans!

    • posted by Matthew on

      Racist wannabe crackers like you who aid white supremacy by slavishly kissing the asses of the Aryan oppressor class have no right to complain when you get called out on it by actual people of color, white boy.

  3. posted by Matthew on

    Asians are white and whites are an oppressor class. You spread Communism and Nazism, both of which were invented by the dirty Germans.

  4. posted by Matthew on

    And once again, Sesame Workshop issues a denial while the Jim Henson Company (the company actually owned by the heirs to the man) is selling nonbinary/transcult (and therefore anti-feminist and anti-woman) propaganda with the Netflix show JULIE’S GREENROOM. Yes, the same one who kept Blake Edwards locked in the closet until the day he died all while adopting two Vietnamese boat children then locking them in a funny farm and expecting everyone to forget they ever existed. The rumors that she used her thoroughly undeserved Oscar to peg him are highly exaggerated, though, and will remain so until further notice. And this comes after Kevin Clash, who played Elmo as well as Baby Sinclair on the 1990s ABC-TV show DINOSAURS (think THE FLINTSTONES meets ALL IN THE FAMILY), saw his career ruined because of a gay sex scandal involving an underage teen boy.

    It is beyond ludicrous that the New York-based SESAME STREET thinks open homosexuality is still too hot to handle when it has been shoving heterosexual sex down our throats almost since day one. The humans on that show were all paired in heterosexual couplings, and in the late 1980s they made a big deal out of Maria marrying Luis when she had been going together with David all those years. Officially, they said it was because they wanted “a strong Latino family,” but in actuality it was because Northern Calloway, the actor who played David (and had severe mental health problems that had gotten him locked up after a nervous breakdown in Tennessee), had been wooing a teenage actress on the show named Allison Bartlett (later of THE WEST WING) and even asked her to marry him! That was the line; they fired him from the show, wrote his character out by simply saying “he went to live with Grandma on a farm,” and he died in 1990, the same year as Jim Henson.

    There’s a better case to be made that Walt Disney’s Chip ‘n’ Dale were at minimum bisexual (compared to Warner Bros’ even gayer but rarely rerun today Goofy Gophers). They actually kissed each other in a 1952 cartoon called TWO CHIPS AND A MISS after having slept together and essentially functioning as a couple in a tiny house in the middle of a miniature railroad in a 1951 Donald Duck cartoon called OUT OF SCALE.

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