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The Washington Post looks at a gay male couple who decide not to tell their almost 3-year-old child whether she/he is a boy or a girl. Naya’s parents, Jeremy and Bryan, posted on Facebook: “If you interact with our kid, please make an effort to use Naya’s name, rather than a gendered pronoun.” In addition:

Jeremy and Bryan found themselves explaining [to Naya] that some people have penises and some have vaginas, and some have neither. Sometimes, having a vagina means feeling like a girl, but not always. They used their friends and relatives’ pictures to explain: Grandma is a woman; she likes to be called a she. Daddah is a man; he likes to be called a he. And Naya, they emphasized, could choose whatever Naya wanted.

Ultimately, readers are told that Naya decided to be a “she,” but we aren’t told whether Naya is biologically male or female.

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  1. posted by Matthew on

    This is why being both openly gay and a registered Republican should be mandatory requirements for getting a marriage license, adopting children, voting, owning property, or even being a citizen of this country. This tranny-fucker propaganda has got to stop. And yes, the entire Left is collectively responsible. You are all enablers of gay erasure. That’s the plan isn’t it: erase homosexuality by erasing sex altogether?

    • posted by Tom Scharbach on

      … openly gay and a registered Republican …

      You forgot Jewish and Black.

      • posted by MR Bill on

        “’It was a little particular of Providence,’ said the foreign gentleman, laughing…”-Dickens, “Our Mutual Friend”

      • posted by Matthew on

        That goes without saying. Of course, they couldn’t even use a picture of any of the guilty parties so they used a stock photo of a white baby. So according to the unlogic of the Walter Duranty Times, it’s wrong to assume sex but it is perfectly okay to assume race.

      • posted by Chang on

        And Chinese,,,

        • posted by Matthew on

          You mean that communist shithole that is both causing climate change with its industrial pollution and is currently engaged in a campaign of illegal racist imperialism and racketeering in Africa? Like the white devils you desperately emulate, you negrophobic wannabe crackers have enough things that don’t belong to you.

    • posted by Tom Scharbach on

      Matthew: This is why being both openly gay and a registered Republican should be mandatory requirements for getting a marriage license, adopting children, voting, owning property, or even being a citizen of this country.

      Tom: You forgot Jewish and Black.

      Matthew: That goes without saying.

      If the requirement for citizenship is that a person be a gay, black, Jewish registered Republican, then you could count the votes of every US citizen in Wisconsin in about one minute flat. In the entire country, it might take as long as a half hour.

      • posted by Matthew on

        Fewer but better Americans, to paraphrase Greta Garbo in NINOTCHKA. You’re probably more familiar with CAMILLE since that’s where she played a whore.

  2. posted by Jorge on

    Hey, Pea-Pea! You can choose to be either a Democrat or a Republican when you grow up.

    Eh, whatever. This country has a very long tradition of welcoming hermit communities.

    • posted by Matthew on

      As soon as I became old enough to vote, the choice became clear. The GOP is the only party that should be allowed to exist in the United States. The Slaveocrat Party has stabbed us in the back time and time again. First with slavery and segregation, then with banning cannabis to enable the so-called “War on Drugs” (aka a not-even-stealth war on artists and black people), and now by making deals with antisemitic homophobic terrorist states. If you’re still a Democrat, then you might just as well have driven those planes into the Twin Towers yourself.

  3. posted by Dale of the Desert on

    I haven’t checked this site for a very long time, and it’s reassuring to read Stephen’s choice of reference and to know thereby that I haven’t missed out on anything.

    • posted by Matthew on

      Then leave.

      • posted by Chang on

        After you touch my big, willow

        • posted by Matthew on

          You should be denied sex as long as your people are engaged in a racist campaign of illegal and immoral imperialism in Africa, you racist wannabe HONKY!

  4. posted by Chang on

    Want to touch by big….big….egg roll?

    • posted by Matthew on

      Chinese willow looks small and weak next to a black oak or a tree planted with pride in Israel.

      • posted by Jorge on

        Now, now, Pea-Pea. We let you make your choice.

        You have to make others choose for themselves, too.

        • posted by Matthew on

          Why would you want egg rolls when you could have ribs?

      • posted by Chang on

        So, you have a small willow by your own admission.

        • posted by Matthew on

          Like most non-black non-Jewish POC, Chang is a racist who supports Chinese Imperialism in Africa.

  5. posted by Chang on

    My father is African American and my mother is Chinese American. I was raised mainline Christian, but converting to Judaism (wedding bells in my future). I do not support “imperialism”.

    • posted by Matthew on

      Congratulations, you finally realized that Christianity is a form of blasphemy against the Jewish God. Now you can finally stop projecting your racism, which you learned from mainline Christianity, onto those of us who were actually raised in the Jewish faith and who are actually ethnically Ashkenazi Jews.

    • posted by Matthew on

      Why does your father hate black women?

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