From a Small Prohibition, Dire Consequences

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  1. posted by Kosh III on

    Interesting but a clearer understanding of Leviticus can be gained from the Anchor Bible commentary by the late Jacob Milgrom, the leading expert of Leviticus and the Torah.
    Besides, it’s Jewish law and I’m not a Jew so why should I concern myself over it?

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    • posted by Matthew on

      Because Judaism is the one true faith and Israel is the only Middle Eastern country that has done jack shit for gay rights.

  2. posted by JohnInCA on

    Is there anyone in the world that has thought to themselves “well, I was homophobic, but now that I’ve read what some dude says about the Bible I’m going to ignore a lifetime of teaching and belief and change my mind”? Ever?

    Don’t get me wrong, things like this are probably a help to religious folks that aren’t homophobic, but it’s a post-hoc justification for their beliefs, not why their beliefs changed.

  3. posted by Jorge on

    Neither is it likely to convince Biblical figurativists. Still, I’ll take a look at my translation and margin notes.

    …Yeah, obviously that’s not how my version translates it.

    “18, 6-18: These laws are formulated as directed to the male Israelites only, but naturally the same norms of consanguinity and affinity would apply to women as well. Marriage, as well as casual intercourse, is here forbidden between men and women of the specified degrees of relationship.”

    18:7: “…Besides, since she is your own mother, you shall not have intercourse with her.”

    18:14: “…since she, too, is your aunt.”

    I am unconvinced. But

    It occurs to me that in Chapters 19 and Chapter 20, which talk about punishment for sex, count pennies between male-female adultery with slaves (pay money) vs sisters (exile) vs everyone else (death), but doesn’t do that at all with male-male adultery with slaves or brothers or everone else (death, death, death). And why is it that when a man or woman has sex with the animal, the animal gets put to death, too? Not one word in a chapter obsessed with animal sacrifice about what to do with the animal.

    I don’t want to think it was right to put all those adulterers and incestuous people to death. And I don’t want to think the gays hurt anybody.

  4. posted by Tom Jefferson III on

    Yawn. Their have many different theories about the Leviticus prohibition on same-sex relations. Was it about incest? Was it about rape? Does it apply to Christians?

    • posted by Matthew on

      Christianity and Islam are blasphemy against the Jewish God, so who fucking cares? They stole the Torah and distorted it to turn it into a weapon of hate. The New Testament and the Koran are all bullshit.

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