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  1. posted by Tom Scharbach on

    It is always good to see any sign of cracking the anti-equality hegemony that has plagued the Republican Party since the Reagan administration. Thanks for pointing out this year’s crop of statements indicating that the anti-equality wall is not as solid as it sometimes seems.

  2. posted by Kosh III on

    Hatch: another politician finds a spine once he’s no longer up running for office.

    But I guess any scrap of GOP sensibility is worthwhile.

    • posted by Jorge on


      Hatch was one of the very few Republicans who has voted for ENDA in its current incarnationin 2013.

      The reason Hatch has grown a spine is not because he’s leaving office. It’s because he’s old.

      • posted by JohnInCA on

        His On-The-Issues page doesn’t cover 2013 as he last ran for office in 2012 and isn’t selling reelection. But from what it does have, supported DOMA, supported federal marriage amendment, opposed hate crimes laws, opposed ENDA, and has a nice quote about how Republicans should be *proud* that “we don’t have the gays and lesbians with us”, supported DADT, opposed adoption and fostering by gay folk, and so-on.

        About the only topic of the last twenty years I can’t find him being solidly anti-gay on is sodomy laws. That said, Utah *still* hasn’t repeated it’s unconstitutional sodomy law.

        If he actually support gay people now, that’s great. But it’s also new, and were I a Utah voter I’d never trust him.

  3. posted by Doug on

    Talk, and proclamations, is cheap. I’m waiting for actual action, thank you.

  4. posted by Matthew on

    Allies say gay, bigots say el-jibbity.

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