A Sweeping Agenda

Bawer also writes:

Stryker’s Facebook posts make a few things clear: she considers pretty much everybody who falls outside her comfort zone of “creative, intellectual, political queer folks” to be a Nazi, fascist, or white supremacist whose freedom of speech should be quashed. She has only contempt for the First Amendment. And she fully accepts the use of violence by her ideological confrères. One curious aspect of her politics is her repeated assertion that when she shuts down conservatives she’s crushing anti-Semitism. Can she sincerely believe that there’s more Jew-hatred today on the right than on the left? Or is she simply one of those leftists who prefer to close their eyes to some of the opinions held by their comrades-in-arms?

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  1. posted by Tom Scharbach on

    So Susan Stryker is off-the-wall. Is it cause for panic running wild among conservatives? Probably not.

    Ideas are funny things. Everyone has them. A few make good sense, others make sense only to the crazy uncle nobody wants to talk to at Thanksgiving. Most fall somewhere in between.

    Of all those ideas, a small number make it into the 1.5+ million books published each year, and of those that make it into books, a small number actually get read by more than a few hundred people.

    So before we start hyperventilating, let’s see if Stryker’s ideas take hold among any significant number of people and/or have any staying power. My bet is not.

    • posted by db on

      its interesting how in America, wild crazy liberals almost never have ant political power. but, the loonies on the right often do have real political power.

  2. posted by Jim Michaud on

    Stephen, I don’t know if you (or Mr. Bawer) are ignoring the irony of accusing someone of having a “sweeping agenda”.

  3. posted by JohnInCA on

    Is Stryker running for a senate seat with a pretty good chance of winning it? Has Stryker ever held political office? Is Stryker now, or ever in the past, in a position of power to make their beliefs policy?

    • posted by Jim Michaud on

      There’s a certain someone who’s running for a US Senate in a southern state right now that fits the description. His name rhymes with boy door.

  4. posted by Jorge on

    “The other day, contemplating the recent rise of Antifa, Black Lives Matter, and other violent forms of anti-democratic fascism in the guise of anti-fascism”

    I have major problems with the Black Lives Matter movement, mainly that that it’s violent, anti-democratic, and rather brownshirted, but I think calling it a form of fascism is too much.

    That article was an insanely boring read, and not because it was familiar ground. Because it was irrelevant.

  5. posted by Kosh III on

    Once again a post about someone no one has heard of, panicking over something that will never happen.
    Meanwhile Miller’s deity Trump tells us that MIller’s demigod Pence wants to hang us all. The media wants to convince us it was a joke but I’m not laughing.

    • posted by Jorge on

      Well that makes one of us. I think if more people could learn to laugh at at a dumb joke instead of treating every item of TRUMP NEWS as the declaration of World War III, the Never Trump people might be taken more seriously.

  6. posted by David Bauler on

    black lives matter has had a few decen

  7. posted by Rex on

    Come on, with a face like that you’d be hateful and resentful too. “Revenge of the Ugly” starring this twit.

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