Liberals Love Slandering Those They Hate by Calling Them Gay

More. Asked and answered. Ann Althouse writes, Does that excerpt from the NYT article have a homophobic whiff?

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  1. posted by Doug on

    With all due respect, Stephen, these past few topic lead me to believe you are losing your grip on reality. It’s time to get a life and quite living in your little bubble.

  2. posted by Jorge on

    “Liberals Love Slandering Those They Hate by Calling Them Gay”

    You just figured that one out now? By my count, that’s been a meme for at least 14 years.

    And it’s been fruitless (pun not intended but what the heck) for all of them.

    On websites where I am out (including, I am 90% sure, on this one) I have also encountered a broader meme: accusations that my personal or political sympathies are signs of erotic fantasies.

    As a firm believer in institutional racism and prejudice, I do not, even remotely, agree with the author’s statement, “I don’t think most people who make jokes about Trump being gay are personally homophobic.”

    You mostly hear such slurs in troll culture and from comedians–and isn’t it funny how you only hear the gay version in public, never lesbian, woman-dominant straight, or dare I say it, male-dominant straight versions of the “s/he must want to f***/be f***ed by X” meme. That’s because it would be called out immediately for what it is in the real world: sexual harassment.

    As has happened in this country for many, many years even by my memory, cultural acceptance of homophobia is being used to to mask or excuse that which is socially unacceptable.

    • posted by JohnInCA on

      … wait, we’re supposed to care about “gay jokes” now? We just had eight years of conspiracy theories about Obama being gay, being the first “gay president”†, cracks about him being a “sissy”, mom-pants, and so-on. And now we’re supposed to get offended that someone is suggesting the president might not be 100% straight? Or were those okay, because those people might honestly have believed the crazy shit they were saying, but these are obviously metaphors and comedy acts, so that makes them contemptible?

      For that matter, I’ve been told since the 90s (AKA, as long as I can remember) that “we don’t mean gay gay, just gay” at face-value and not be offended. Does that no longer apply because Mr. Miller doesn’t like the people saying things?

      Eh, whatever. If I started getting upset about tasteless “gay jokes” now, I’d never stop.
      †Sorry President Buchanan. Well, probably sorry. Look, there’s a lot of smoke, but until we get faster then light travel and/or time travel we won’t be able to really know if there was any fire.

      • posted by Jorge on

        How you live out your social responsibility of whether or not to be “offended” by something is up to you.

        However as a matter of personal responsibility, I would suggest not following those who say that people who make homophobic jokes are not themselves homophobic.

        • posted by JohnInCA on

          “I would suggest not following those who say that people who make homophobic jokes are not themselves homophobic.”
          But if they’re unapologetically homophobic, “following” is fine?

          Yeah, I think I’ll continue with not caring about thought crime, thank you.

  3. posted by Tom Scharbach on

    Stephen is incensed that some critics on the left are deloying a homophobic trope to mock President Trump’s fawning relationship with President Putin. If Stephen is incensed, I can’t imagine what the twinkies orbiting around Milo Yappiopolous (who call President Trump “Daddy”) are thinking about it.

    I understand the horror, of course. President Trump, who boasted to Howard Stern that he (unlike just about every other male on the planet) had never had a homosexual thought in his entire life

    (When asked the number of times he had experienced sexual thoughts about another man, Trump responded, “Zero… not even a thought.” Stern replied by saying that made Trump “a real man.”

    Trump added, “With all that I’ve had, I’ve never had a thought. There’s never been a big thought process, you know? … During the event there’s never a thought of Jimmy or Ronald or anything, no thoughts.”

    Stern then brought up a supposed report or rumor that Trump engaged in “boner fights” with other boys in prep school. Trump denied ever partaking in such an activity.)

    is the very model of conservative, black-suit, really long red-penis-tie, Republican hypermasculinity. Deploying homosexual-stereotype jokes to mock him is SO UNFAIR!

    I suspect that what really gauls Stephen and other Trumpistas is that some on the left have appropriated the long-standing Republican so-gay trope about Democrats (see JohninCA’s comment) and are deploying it against The Greatest Republican. It was bad enough when the left started making turtle jokes about Mitch McConnell, but this is MUCH WORSE!! It might even be THE GREATEST INSULT IN HISTORY.

    The situation is made much worse because the trope also mocks President Putin indirectly (tops are every bit as gay as bottoms). As the New York Times reports this morning, many on the right revere President Putin:

    The veneration of Mr. Putin helps explain why revelations about Russia’s involvement in the election — including recent reports that members of Mr. Trump’s inner circle set up a meeting at which they expected a representative of the Russian government to give them incriminating information about Hillary Clinton — and Mr. Trump’s reluctance to acknowledge it, have barely penetrated the consciousness of the president’s conservative base.

    Mr. Putin is no archvillain in this understanding of America-Russian relations. Rather, he personifies many of the qualities and attitudes that conservatives have desired in a president of their own: a respect for traditional Christian values, a swelling nationalist pride and an aggressive posture toward foreign adversaries.

    In this view, the Russian president is a brilliant tactician, a slayer of murderous Islamic extremists — and not incidentally, a leader who outmaneuvered and emasculated President Barack Obama on the world stage. And because of that, almost any other transgression seems forgivable.

    Are the “butt boy” critics homophobic? I don’t know. I know that the jokes are homophobic, and I know that negative homophobic stereotypes pervade our culture (“The boss shoved it right up my ass.” “Cocksucker!” and so on). The “butt boy” meme isn’t helping change that, and we need to change that.

    But to claim (as Stephen seems to do) that this is a liberal problem rather than a spectrum-wide cultural problem tells me what I already suspected. Stephen lives in a bubble, and knows next to nothing about the world outside of the Alphabet Street conclave.

  4. posted by Jorge on

    If Stephen is incensed, I can’t imagine what the twinkies orbiting around Milo Yappiopolous (who call President Trump “Daddy”) are thinking about it.

    They’re probably thinking they’re consenting to it so it’s no big deal.

    There’s nothing quite like the tang of a vicious Milo joke, especially when you aren’t joking.

  5. posted by Jorge on

    Asked and answered. Ann Althouse writes, Does that excerpt from the NYT article have a homophobic whiff?



  6. posted by Tom Scharbach on


    Progress not perfection, little by slowly and all that …

    If homocons are beginning to be able to pick up “homophobic whiffs” in the New York Times, there is hope that they might eventually be able to hear what is going on in their own party.

    • posted by Jorge on

      Impossible. Politics functions differently than society.

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