Too Trendy?

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  1. posted by Tom Scharbach on

    Nonsense abounds and fools are born every minute, as the linked video aptly demonstrates.

    But what is your agenda, Stephen? You miss no opportunity, however unimportant and absurd, to heap disdain on transgendered men and women. What the hell is going on here? Is this the latest homocon meme, or is it just you?

    • posted by Matthew on

      This is child abuse, plain and simple.

      Gays who tolerate it are quislings.

  2. posted by Jorge on

    Mr. Miller is simply living out a cartoon in which a dam is about to burst and he’s scrambling to plug the holes, “however unimportant and absurd”.

  3. posted by baron von fck face on

    The US Justice Dept is – at least- pretending to care about violence against transgender people. maybe something good will come of it, maybe not.

    Yet, Stephen’s disdain for trans folk is (apparently) such that he was reluctant to spin a “yah, Trump” story, if it meant that he had to bump a “trans folk be icky and crazy “story

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