Changing Times

Related, this study concludes that “Consequently, same-sex marriage and similar reforms come at no “welfare” cost to society at large—if anything, the opposite appears to hold. We further build on previous research showing positive effects of economic freedom on happiness and on tolerance towards gay people and interact our rights measure with economic freedom.”

Yes, there are pockets of “resistance,” but that’s always true with social advancements. The Texas decision won’t survive appeal to the federal courts.

Sometimes, of course, we’re our own worst enemy:

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  1. posted by Jorge on

    “Tossing Jewish Women Out of Dyke March Was…”

    That would make for a very interesting fill in the blank game.

    “where a group of Jewish attendees were thrown out because they were carrying a Pride flag with a Star of David on it, which made attendees uncomfortable.”

    Oh, wow. I didn’t know it was acceptable to be honest about what makes one uncomfortable.

    You know what makes me uncomfortable?

    Co-workers who smile in my face and whisper to each other together at lunch.

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