The World We Live In

Related: Vermont gay bar apologizes, changes name. “Mister Sister” is not a name I would have gone with, but it should be the bar owner’s decision, tempered by market forces and not by activist campaigns charging transgender insensitivity.

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  1. posted by Jorge on

    “On the Internet, as in real life, this is where real power lies: the power to make others feel pain.”

    Most of the people at work who I think have the most potential to be successful have a way of putting up a screen that disguises their true motivations and drives. It makes it impossible for other people to figure out how to hurt them. It’s a bit of a shame that such measures are necessary.

    “and paradoxically, it’s left-wingers who are often targets”

    I was just reading an article on arguing that Gamergate actually may have contributed to the election of Donald Trump. The people who supported the hashtag Gamergate were predominantly left-leaning, but they developed an extremely negative view of left-leaning media and became more supportive of right-leaning media due to what they considered attempts at censorship and cultural interference (not to mention the original allegation of corruption) in the realm of video games.

    How might that have mattered? Consider that this election was decided by the basket of deplorables: white male, struggling, working class voters. And who plays video games the most? Unemployed males.

    This aligns with the observations of Mr. Kay’s article:

    “Tell an ordinary Canadian schlub that white people aren’t allowed to quote Beyoncé, and he will be smart enough to laugh in your face. Dress down a superbly intelligent Peace and Conflict Studies PhD candidate for the same act, and she will fall over herself with apologies.”

    “And paradoxically, the public figures who are most consistently victimized by it are creatures of the left, such as Niki Ashton — since these are the same figures whose legitimacy as politicians, activists and writers depends on the moral judgments of Stupid Twitter-Land’s most ruthless enforcers.”

    Thus we are beginning to see an era that pits the ordinary people of the left against its intellectual elites. It is a shocking turn of events to one who constantly reads people argue the illogic of any unity on the right.

    Anyway, this looooong article disturbs me the more I read.

    There are many times when I see the fact that I believe in making evil jokes as evil. This article argues very convincingly against that.

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