The Colbert Contretemp

CBS’s Stephen Colbert said of President Trump during a “Late Show” monologue: “You’re a real prick-tator. The only thing your mouth is good for is being Vladimir Putin’s cockholster.”

Flashback: Alec Baldwin Apparently Calls Paparazzi A ‘C**ksucking Fag’

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  1. posted by Jorge on

    I didn’t consider that homophobic. Vulgar and indefensibly explicit, absolutely. But the imagery of oral sex as an insult is much more heterosexual and carries a lot less of the homosexual degredation card than the imagery of anal sex as an insult. I use it in the context of someone who sleeps their way to the top. You just have to use slightly different wording when it’s a man.

    As for the FCC investigation, I have to draw the line and say I’m really astonished that people care so much about the delicate sensibilities of 17 year old virgins up past their bedtime. I am well aware that in the perfect blue cities Houndentenor loves to complain about, the pre-teens rule the roost because their dads are deadbeats or dead. Too bad. It would do them some good to be exposed to nerdy white man humor.

    • posted by TJ on

      1. Baldwin doesn’t actually set public policy in America. Quite a few people – party differences aside – did criticise what he said.

      2. Colbert essentially criticised the President for being a political prostitute. Not unlike criticism of people being a “media whore”. Unless you think that all gay men are prostitues, or all gay men are spies for Putin, it ain’t homophobic.

      Yes, you might argue that it insults political or actual prostitues.

      • posted by TJ on

        This week in BS morality:

        A anti gay Christian has Absolute First Amendment right to say or do anything…

        Yet, if a liberal Catholic mocks the Soviet KGB and the white house…..then screw the first amendment.

  2. posted by Tom Scharbach on

    I am well aware that in the perfect blue cities Houndentenor loves to complain about, the pre-teens rule the roost because their dads are deadbeats …

    A nasty thing to say about Barron’s father.

  3. posted by Lori Heine on

    I’m getting tired of being told what I’m supposed to be outraged and insulted about. I don’t like it when liberals do it, and it’s just as tiresome coming from the other side.

    How surprising that we’re now seeing a post about the horribleness of Colbert’s “homophobic” remark. Was it rather juvenile? Yes. Coarse and crude? Certainly. But as Jorge noted, there wasn’t anything overtly homophobic about it. Don’t straight people have oral sex?

    What if our would-be handlers jerked the string, and we refused to jump? For any of them? What if they gave an outrage, and nobody came?


    • posted by Lori Heine on

      Just noticed the “flashback” at the bottom of the post.


      Are not conservatives believers in the individual human being? Is not each individual admonished to take responsibility for his or her own behavior? Yet there is an attempt here to forge a link between Colbert and Baldwin. Both are liberals, therefore one is responsible for the behavior of the other.

      I will keep working and hoping for the day when none of the frauds who peddle their partisan quackery can get away with what they’re trying to do. Those who will settle for nothing but freedom refuse to be controlled by puppet-strings. A cigar is just a cigar, and an obnoxious remark on TV is nothing more than that.

      None of us is obligated to feel any particular way, think a particular thing, vote any way or give anyone our money.

      After 2016, I have no patience left for this sort of crap.

    • posted by TJ on

      Accordingly to the late Senator Jesse Helms……heterosexual couples don’t engage in oral sex.

  4. posted by John in Chicago on

    Forget about l’affair Colbert. This hypocrisy among liberal heterosexual men is definitely a real thing. I’ve encountered it again and again reading comments at Salon, the eagerness of many of them to accuse men they despise of being gay, complete with accusations that their closets are probably stuffed with women’s clothing…you know, because we gay men really are women. Then there’s heterosexual liberals’ absolutely idiotic insistence that every anti-gay bigot is himself gay. That’s a perennial comment that always gets plenty of “likes” and conveniently lets so-called straights off the hook. Gays are the cause of anti-gay bigotry, I guess.

    • posted by John in Chicago on

      Not that we gays have anywhere else to go, of course.

  5. posted by TJ on

    When a politican or leader of a powerful interest group actually says something homophobic – with actually consquences for gay people- , quite a few homocons have told me to ignore it, look the other way or pretend that it ain’t important.

    I saw this with the situation in Iraq. Homocons didn’t want deal with the on the ground reality.

    When US Senator Trent Lot compared gay people to drug addicts….

  6. posted by Tom Scharbach on

    I see one upside to this nonsense — conservatives are rallying to condemn Colbert for perceived homophobia. That’s definitely an uptick. The closest most conservatives have come to supporting gays and lesbians in the past has been to politely applaud the President when he told them that gays and lesbians shouldn’t be killed wholesale by foreign terrorists.

    A caution, though: When dealing with conservatives, as is the case when dealing with liberals, watch what they do, not what they say.

    • posted by Jorge on

      What’s this now? You can’t tell how pro-gay or anti-gay a conservative or a liberal is by watching what they say?

      A conservative can compare love with bestiality, but it’s okay because he has a gay man as his right hand man?

      A liberal can say for over a decade that she believes marriage is between a man and a woman, but it’s okay because she wants to listen and evolve?

      And yet, you can discern some change in political cowardice from the difference between attacking homophobia from terrorists and homophobia from liberal comedians? Only because both sets actors are conservative?

      I cannot dispute your conclusion. The benefit of the doubt must be rewarded upon greater scrutiny. And open to being punished.

    • posted by John in Chicago on

      Your advice is much more warranted in the case of conservatives than liberals. Conservatives are vastly more practiced at claiming one thing, when the audience is the general American public, while pursuing goals that would accomplish the exact opposite. No comparison. Mendacity is all but another name for conservatism ever since the Reagan presidency and decade by decade it has gotten progressively worse. See Trump in this regard, for whom the idea of true vs false is an utterly alien concept. By the way, in the case of us gays, it’s been five or six years since I happened to hear Rush Limbaugh dismiss the right’s anti-gay bigotry as so much liberal hysteria.

      • posted by Jorge on

        Conservatives are vastly more practiced at claiming one thing, when the audience is the general American public, while pursuing goals that would accomplish the exact opposite. No comparison.

        “If you like you doctor, you can keep it.”

        “If fighting for women’s healthcare and paid family leave and equal pay is playing the woman card, then deal me in.”

        “Hate speech is not free speech.”

        And the all-time Booby Prize winner:

        “We’re all God’s children, Bob, and I think if you were to talk to Dick Cheney’s daughter, who is a lesbian, she would tell you that she’s being who she was. She’s being who she was born as. I think if you talk to anybody, it’s not a choice.”

        No. Not in a millions years, no.

        • posted by John in Chicago on

          Jorge, rumor has it that stressed-out guys like you are calmed down when sucking on cock.

          • posted by Jorge on

            That must explain why I stayed home all vacation. That’s not really any of your business, of course.

          • posted by Jorge on

            Oh, that’s right.

            You ignored the content of what I wrote to make a remark about my personal traits. That’s called objectification. I’m supposed to call you out on it and tell you to stop objectifying me. You are supposed to be accountable for what you write and defend your claims when they are challenged.

            Since you didn’t defend your argument I gather you have abandoned it. Thank you for agreeing with me that liberals need to be watched more than conservatives on gay rights.

          • posted by TJ on

            Wow. Careful. Jorge may demand that the FCC lock you up, you know, in the name of free speech.

            Seriously, what Colbert said wasn’t homophobic. It may become rude and crude. But it aint anti-gay comparing politicians or the KGB to prostitutes.

            Also, I don’t think that homocons are seriously suggesting that any homophobic comments should be investigated by Uncle Sam.

    • posted by Lori Heine on

      I think of a line from a Woody Allen film. It was the title of the comedy show his character wrote for: “Human Beings–Wow!”

      It sums up politics so nicely.

  7. posted by TJ on

    1. Stephen Colbert was clearly talking about “political whores” aka political prostitution. The idea that some politicians are behaving like prostitutes ain’t exactly new and it ain’t a comment on sexual orientation. Especially when both men are clearly heterosexual.

    2. As someone who holds a consistent view of the First Amendment, I have little patience for the idea that the FCC should censor a liberal Catholic , but not conservative TV preachers who actually say homophobic things, and have actually backed anti-gay criminal laws and violence. When people turn the First Amendment into a partisan game show. my BS alert goes off. Sometimes both parties do it, against other parties. Sometimes its one major party against another (more accurately some party members), but mu BS alarm still goes off.

    • posted by Tom Scharbach on

      The FCC is not investigating Colbert for homophobia — that’s as American as apple pie — but for using the “c” word.

  8. posted by Rex on

    Even though Colbert is obviously suffering from SAS (smug a$$hole syndrome), co-morbid with TDS; he still has the right to free speech and there needs be no damn government agency investigating.

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