Totalitarian Jerks

This is why more people are coming to hate the self-righteous PC left: Charity race for children’s hospice where runners dress in drag is ‘a hate crime.’

That the children’s hospice had to grovel to the transgender activists for forgiveness turned my stomach.

Little Robespierres.

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  1. posted by Mark Peterson on

    I’m sure lots of Americans form their political opinions on the basis of actions by an obscure group in Britain.

  2. posted by Jorge on

    Grovel? Hmm. You can never tell with people who speak British. Her comments struck me as passive-aggressive.

  3. posted by Tom Jefferson III on

    For what it is worth, most of my transgender friends are American, and could care less about some obscure British group has to say. They are much more worried about the lack of civil rights protections for transgender people or, what happens to transgender people in say, Iraq.

    Men and women have been performing “in drag” for decades (perhaps even more so) on stage. This is unique from how ‘black face’ — as example developed into a form of popular entertainment.

    It — drag — could be used to attack LGBT people. Most of the time it is used to (a) mock social conventions and stereotypes between men and women and (b) gay men or women who have too much fashion sense for one gender.

    Black face — in contrast — became popular as a way of having successful black entertainers (without actually having successful black people) and to reinforce the racist and social darwinist ideas that were quite popular.

  4. posted by Tom Jefferson 3rd on

    Also, it is hardly “totalitarian” for a group – even a fringe group with too much free time on their hands – to express an opinion (even a BS opinion) and peacefully try to get it accepted by others.

    Yes, it may be silly or stupid. The transgender community is a diverse group, but I suspect that their are far more important issues facing the community.

    It’s hardly scientific. But the transgender people I know are much more focused on things like civil rights protections, bias motivated crimes, etc

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