Rest in Peace

Sadly, Andrew Breitbart, a tireless pundit and blogger for small government/fiscal conservatism who delighted in exposing leftwing hypocrisies, has passed away. Breitbart was an advisor to GOProud, the conservative gay group, and rallied to its support after GOProud was excluded from participating in the national Conservative Political Action Conference.

What’s striking about the comments following the report in the Wall Street Journal is just how hateful are the remarks by some self-professed liberals (they have now been deleted, I see; I think they should have stayed up). As one commenter responded, “I’ve never seen so much rejoicing at a journalist’s death.”

Somewhat related, here’s an interesting piece from the American Spectator on how Santorum and his followers are trying to drive libertarians (or really, all who might be fiscally conservative but socially moderate) out of the conservative movement. Well, they’d be ideologically “purer” if they succeeded, I suppose, but they won’t win elections. Which is why Michael Moore has been encouraging Democrats to vote for Santorum (as Andrew Breitbart’s website reported).

More. The Daily Caller’s Jim Treacher retweets some of the posthumous hate and praise.

More. James Kirchick writes The Audacity of Breitbart:

In 2010, Breitbart joined the board of GOProud, a conservative gay organization. The following year, when the Conservative Political Action Conference announced that it would ban GOProud from its conference in deference to complaints from social conservative groups like the Family Research Council, Breitbart pulled out of the conference and declared that he would host a party for the “homocons” instead. His attitude on gays, like on most things, was shaped by the socially liberal milieux in which he was formed: southern California and New Orleans, where he attended Tulane University.

And more here, from Gay Patriot, Breitbart welcomed gays into conservative coalition.

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  2. posted by Houndentenor on

    While I do not approve of making disparaging remarks about the recently departed, in this case it is hypocritical to complain about that practice since Mr Breitbart did not extend that courtesy to others after they passed.

    • posted by Alex Hoffman on

      I disagree. It would only be hypocritical if Breitbart himself complained. Those who mourn the passing of Breitbart who don’t make insulting comments against those who’ve passed away aren’t hypocritical in the slightest.

  3. posted by TomJeffersonIII on

    I have many negative things to say about GOProud. I may object to certain policies or ideas, but I never really had much good or negative emotions directed at Andrew Breitbart.

    If you are trying to make a larger argument ‘liberals do not respect the dead’ or something like that, well I would disagree. I have known plenty of people on the political left and right who had no problem with speaking ill of the dead, to put it mildly.

  4. posted by Jorge on

    Yes, there is a lot of disgusting stuff on the internet.

  5. posted by TomJeffersonIII on

    Yeah, like a certain radio talk show host –married several times — calls a woman a ‘slut’ and a ‘prostitute’ and insists that she participate in a online, live video sex tape….Oddly enough this radio talk show host only said his apology for the use of the two words….

    • posted by Houndentenor on

      I’m less outraged than entertained by this spectacle.

      1. that a man who has been married four times but has had no children seems to think that a woman has to take more birth control pills if she has more sex

      2. that he seems to think that it’s the use of the word “slut” that got into so much trouble. There is no alternate word that makes his statement more accurate or appropriate.

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